Medieval LEGO Houses Inspired by The Lord Of The Rings and Other Fantasy Worlds

The famous epic fantasy film series “Lord of the Rings” influenced various projects in the design and architecture industry. A while back, we put together a post with these bewitching hobbit homes inspired by the movie. Today, we would like to share an intriguing artist’s portfolio with you, also evoking the charm and lack of boundaries of Tolkien’s fantasy world. Daniel Hensel (Legonardo Davidsy on Flickr) builds beautiful medieval LEGO houses that seem taken from the Lord of the Rings New Zealand stage set.

Varying from castles and towers to battleships, the intricate LEGO builds are fun to observe in detail. But our favorites are definitely the charming small homes, with their twisted geometry, colorful roofs, and what seem to be wooden beams throughout. Daniel Hensel’s LEGO designs all have names “exotic” names inspired by fantasy worlds (or computer games?), such as “Ambush at Augmar Falls”, “Streets of Illyria”, “Blacksmith Shop”, “Crow’s Nest”, “Dark of Mirkwood” and so on.

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Each of these builds also features minifigs that resemble hobbits, wizards, and other fantastic characters. Would you embark on the personal quest of building one of these, if LEGO were to produce them?