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4 Creative Ways to Hang Curtains

When we picture curtains, we see them hanging long on either side of a valance. It’s functional, it’s attractive and it works with any room style. But that style is also not your only option. You can get creative in the way you hang curtains. From giving them unique spacing so light can filter in easier to even placing them at angles, there are many interesting ways to hang your curtains. With clever placement, they can accent any room design and add a flair all their own. So read on to learn how to hang curtains in creative ways.

[caption width="1000" id="attachment_315074" align="aligncenter" ] Create a style with interspaced curtains to let in a muted amount of light. Image: Svet_Feo/Shutterstock[/caption]

Use creative spacing to let in softer light

This is perhaps one of the easiest and most common ways of hanging curtains a bit more creatively. This style is all about placing curtains so that more light can suffuse the space. As you can see in the photo above, hanging curtains in spaced intervals helps bring in light — but also keeps too much light from overpowering the space. It’s the best of both worlds.

A look like this would work well with bay windows. That would allow you to hang curtains in the corners of the windows, creating a more organized yet organic design. The curtains could add an attractive texture to the corners.

[caption width="1000" id="attachment_315075" align="aligncenter" ]Hang Curtains Angle Style You can even place curtains at an angle for a softer, romantic look. Image: Marko Poplasen/Shutterstock[/caption]

Get creative with geometry

Perhaps one of the most involved ways to hang curtains creatively is to put them on slanted walls. You can see an example of the style in the photo above, behind the TV. The curtains adorn the walls and go all the way up to the ceiling in a tiered design. It goes to show that you don’t have to just hang curtains around straight windows.

This is another style that would look great in romantic and artistic spaces, like a boho-style loft, especially if the curtains were to extend all the way up the ceiling. The curtain design would add a soft and romantic texture.

[caption width="1000" id="attachment_315076" align="aligncenter" ]Hang Curtains Accent Color Bold-colored curtains can make a statement. Image: Artazum/Shutterstock[/caption]

Hang curtains in accent colors

Another idea is to focus on curtains with bold color. Going for a wild color can be its own means to hang curtains in creative ways. The photo above shows how the deep cherry red curtains go well with the red accents in the rest of the space. They also work well as part of a colorful high-contrast style.

To get some design cohesion in this look, you’ll want to choose the curtain color as your main focal color. Then work that shade into the rest of the space in more subtle ways. You might have a subtle wallpaper, or you could go for small items of the same color on end tables or small accent throw pillows. All around, bold curtains are a great way to work with an accent color.

[caption width="1000" id="attachment_315077" align="aligncenter" ]Hang Curtains Bedroom Space Creatively placed, textured curtains can add a visual kick to a room. Image: Fuse/Getty Images[/caption]

Think texture in the bedroom

You might also want to pay attention to deep texture. In the photo above, you can see how the lush curtains add some romantic texture to the space. By focusing on lighter shades to get that texture, curtains like these could fit well with any color scheme in the rest of the room. An example is how well the gold shading on the curtains matches the very light yellow on the pillows.

The placement of the curtains behind the headboard is also a good idea if you want to hang curtains in creative ways. You don’t expect a full-length curtain behind a headboard, so it makes an interesting backdrop for the room.

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