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Awesome Vintage Campers and Camper Van Decor for Your Next Road Trip

Abandoned airstream mobile home in Arizona
Mr.C / Shutterstock

Why not camp out or road trip this summer in one of the coolest vintage campers around? Airstream camper vans are hot and can still be found for a good bargain if you’re willing to put in a little work — and even add some stylish camper van decor.

Abandoned airstream mobile home in Arizona

Mr.C / Shutterstock

An Airstream looks like a silver bullet and was first introduced in 1936. But it took a good 20 to 30 years before it reached its peak of popularity in the late ’50s and ’60s.

Enthusiasts have been collecting these vintage campers for some time now and refurbishing the interiors to function for the 21st century. Nowadays, camper vans are used for “glamping,” as mobile offices, a guest house in the backyard or even an Airbnb rental. Those who love the tiny house movement will appreciate the vibe of these tiny homes on wheels.

Here are some of the coolest camper van interior remodels that transform vintage campers into the ultimate contemporary road trip trailer.

Vintage Trailers

INside of camper van with red comforter

Abigail Marie / Shutterstock

Colorful textiles give this renovated camper van interior a cheerful and retro feel.

70s style camper van interior

Sergey Tinyakov / Getty Images

The interior has been updated, but still keeps its seventies design inspiration.

Retro Colors for a Vintage Look

Interior of a van that a young couple live in. The shot is focused on the kitchen counter, pull-out drawers, and bed. Ther is wood paneling on the sides and roof.

FatCamera / Getty Images

Teal accents create a bright, uplifting interior.

Interior of camper van, retro style with bright colors and reclaimed wood

SolStock / Getty Images

A multi-functional camper countertop and workspace area.

Vintage Campers as Mobile Offices and Work Spaces

Camper van converted to workspace for freelance work on the road. Mobile home van filled with natural light

MAD.vertise / Shutterstock

The workspace interior is bright invigorating with natural light.

Camper van converted to workspace with natural light and wrap-around seating

compuinfoto / Getty Images

The bedroom area was converted into an inviting conference room with wrap-around seating.

A Rustic-Chic Camper Interior

Interior view of camper van with open view

howsheviewsit / Shutterstock

Reclaimed wood walls give the polished interior a warm, organic feel.

Bright and Modern Vintage Campers

Camper van with boho pillows and string fairy lights, view of sunset

Mint Images / Getty Images

String lights add a homey feel to the interior.

Which one of these vintage campers is your favorite and where would you take it this summer?

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