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Our 9 Favorite Home Office Desk Ideas

Desk with gold lamp
Work from home desk


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You can find any size of home office desk with the features you need, all without sacrificing style — today’s home office desks are gorgeous. Your home office may be a spacious room dedicated to your work, a niche you’ve carved out of a closet or the corner of your bedroom. No matter the size of your office space, your desk is the most important piece of furniture and should be the foundation of your design decisions for accessories and decor. Here’s what you’ll need, besides an amazing desk, in your home office:

Home office must-haves

    • Storage – Even if your office space is in a closet, storage solutions are a must. Stylish boxes on a shelf can hold paper, files and supplies.


    • Lighting – It’s so important to make sure your lighting is right for your workspace. A combination of overhead light with a table lamp can help your productivity and organization.


    • A Comfortable Chair – If you’re going to be putting hours in at your desk, your chair has to be comfortable. It’s not enough to look good — your chair has to feel good, too.


    • Personalized Decor – The joy of working at home is being surrounded by what you love. Don’t be afraid to decorate your home office space with things that make you happy.

Once you have covered the must-haves for your home office, it’s time to choose a desk. Your desk will set the tone for your home office, so choose with a style goal in mind. Your home office is your personal space, so your most important piece of furniture should be a reflection of your own style.

1. Classic & colorful desk

The campaign style has endured and stayed relevant in interior design for centuries. A fresh take on this iconic style is in vibrant color finishes. Combining a decor classic with fresh new colors can give your home office a business vibe with a creative twist.

Bright yellow wall for desk


2. Brushed gold accents add elegance to your home office

Desk with gold lamp

We love the elegance of the brushed gold furniture and accents that are so on-trend right now. Your home office desk can be as trendy as you like to show off your signature style. Desks with metal finishes are great for dark offices, as they help to reflect light around the room. 

3. A pretty home office desk for small spaces

Small, simplistic white desk

Getty Images

We can’t help falling in love with this adorable blush-pink desk. The Audrey Mini Desk is perfect for a small-space home office, but pretty enough to be used as a console in a tiny foyer. If you’re short on space at home, look for small furniture pieces or items that can do double-duty with style.

4. The perfect desk for a beach-inspired home office

Bright home office with plant and gold accents


Working at home doesn’t always feel like a vacation, but you can still create that beach vibe with the right decor. Look for a desk with light wood and burnished metal accents to coordinate with your coastal-style decor to create your relaxing home office.

5. Here’s a clever space-saving home office desk idea

Small writing desk

DE AGOSTINI PICTURE LIBRARY / Contributor/Getty Images

If you don’t have a lot of space for your desk, it’s definitely time to think creatively. A ladder-style desk is a smart solution to fitting your workspace into a living room or bedroom. The shelving above gives you more storage space — but you’ll want to use decorative boxes to hide clutter if your desk is in a shared space.

6. Keeping it simple

Work space


When you just need a little bit of desk space but don’t want to add clutter to your room, choose a simple style without a lot of visual weight. Light colors, thin legs and streamlined style can work with most decorating styles.

7. We’re falling for this mid-century modern desk

Home desk


Mid-century modern decor fits effortlessly into contemporary decorating. It’s easy to see why this style continues to be popular decades later, with clean lines and details. You don’t have to decorate your entire home office in mid-century style (though that would be completely cool with us), but a signature piece like the Vanwagoner desk is a handsome focal point for any space.

8. This desk is so glamorous

Home office working - study room interior scene.

Eoneren/Getty Images

Simple furniture is all well and good, but sometimes your home office is calling for total glamor. When nothing but the prettiest desk will do, then think clear acrylic, brushed gold and a lacquer-style finish.

9. Desk or vanity? You decide



Is your home office desk actually your vanity? The secret is out — many of the most beautiful writing desks are now makeup vanities. Who can resist the charm of a pretty little writing desk? If you’re going to transform your desk into a vanity, or if you’re simply looking for a knockout piece for your home office, mirrored finishes are perfect.

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