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6 Home Office Organization Ideas

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. If there’s one room in the house that can get messy fast, it’s the home office. It’s a magnet for all sorts of papers, even in the digital age. Electronic devices and wires can end up accumulating in heaps. Books may get strewn about in piles. All in all, many home workspaces could use help with home office organization.Luckily, there are many ways to organize a home office that are functional and stylish. From full-wall organizing options to little ways to keep the drawers ordered to complete organizational systems, read on to learn how to finally get that home office in shape.

Home Office Organization Cubbies System

Floating cubbies can get those disorganized piles off a desk. Image: Organized Living

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Floating Cubbies

The photo above shows a full desk and organizational system that can be added to walls using vertical metal bars. One great idea out of this system is the floating cubbies above the desk. Piles of papers are usually the first thing to accumulate around an office. So cubbies are a great way to have a place for all those piles of papers to go, while being able to label what each cubby contains. And having a system where the cubbies are on the wall means more usable desk space. If you have problems with random piles of papers, this is for you.

Home Office Organization Full Wall Shelving

Full-wall shelving is great for book collectors or organizing with binders. Image: All Time Constructions

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Full-Wall Shelving for Home Office Organization

Another way to finally get that home office organized is to go for systems of full-wall shelving like the office area in the photo above. This allows you to keep everything off the floor, which can be a problem for many office areas. Without full-wall shelving, it’s tempting to organize things into floor piles and pretend like that’s a functioning level of organization.With full-wall shelving, you can also arrange things into binders more easily. And it’s a great option if you have a lot of books that need organizing. Plus, shelving around the computer means things are easy to find at a single glance while working.

Home Office Organization Drawer Organizers

Keep your drawers less cluttered with drawer organizers. Image: Organization and Relocation

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Compartmentalized Drawers

When organizing, it’s easy to forget the drawer space. Since drawers slide in, they offer an illusion of organization from the outside, even if absolutely nothing is organized or easy to find within them.Small containers that fit into drawers are a solid way to finally keep everything in its place. Gone are the days when you had to upend a whole messy drawer looking for the batteries. These are also an inexpensive way to finally feel like your life has some order in it. They’re an especially good way of organizing multiple types of writing implements, as the photo above shows.

Home Office Organization Plastic Bins

Clear plastic bins allow you to see what is where, which is especially great for craft rooms. Image: Sarah Greenman

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Plastic Bins

Often overlooked as a cheap way out, plastic bins can be a great path towards home office organization. Bins with sliding drawers can be stacked on top of each other to create as much storage as needed. Larger bins fit well under desk and tablespaces. And smaller, clear bins are a good way to see what is in each bin.The photo above shows that you can stock up on the plastic bins without sacrificing style. The white and clear bins actually create a clean aesthetic in a room with an already light color scheme. A creative light fixture, rug and wall hanging help add a touch of style to the space.

Home Office Organization Wall System Shelving

A pre-made wall system takes some of the guesswork out of what should go where. Image: The Container Store

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Complete Organizational Systems

Then there are the complete readymade options. The above home office organization system comes from The Container Store. The complete shelving and drawer design mounts to the wall via a Horizontal Top Track.A clean, white design like this also functionally fits into just about any home style. Since it organizes everything against the wall, it’s a good option for narrower spaces. The open shelving design also means you can find everything you need at a moment’s notice.This particular model is made of epoxy-bonded steel construction. It’s made for a 124-inch wide wall space, but a solution can be found for different spaces.

Home Office Organization Workstation Space

Separate workstations can keep everyone from fighting over how to organize shared space. Image: AMW Design Studio

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Think Compartmentalization

Another option is to go for spaces that feature different workstations, like in the photo above. A design like this can work well if you run a home business where you have employees coming into your home office. In that case, you’ll want to look for desk designs with multiple workspaces. That way, everyone has their own space and can have their desk the way they want it.Even if you’re just sharing the room with multiple family members, your home office organization can still benefit from different workstations. Another idea is using corner desks for fitting multiple work areas into one room.

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