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Top Cable Companies in Your Area

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If you’ve recently moved, then you might be wondering, “Which cable company near me has the cheapest cable with the most reliable service?” Well, wonder no more. We’re here to help you answer that question and find cheap cable service.

MYMOVE researched the top cable companies nationwide in order to help you find the one that’s right for you (and your wallet). Whether you need to find the cheapest cable or are looking for the best features for your cable service, our list has you covered. ‌We’ve also included availability information so you’ll know which cable companies are in your area.


Below are our picks for the best of the best in cable TV providers:

  • Best overall: Cox Communications
  • Best for your budget: AT&T
  • Best channel options: Optimum
  • Best for package add-ons: Mediacom
  • Best for Movie-Watchers: Suddenlink
  • Best bundle deals: Xfinity
  • Best reliability: Spectrum

Best‌ ‌overall‌: Cox Communications‌

One of the leading cable companies is Cox Communications. If you’re looking for basic, no-bells-and-whistles service, look at their Cox TV Starter cable package, which offers a decent amount of channels at one of the lowest prices around. The starting price for the basic package is $25/mo. However, there is a $3/mo. minimum box rental fee and a $10/mo. broadcast TV fee.

They also have a convenient app available that has an impressive 4.6 rating. This app allows their cable subscribers to manage their account with ease, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Take a moment to see if Cox offers service in your area.  

Starting Price Additional Fees Number of Channels Availability
$25/mo Video broadcast surcharge $10, rental box and other equipment varies. 140+ 18 states

*pricing as of 11/17/2019

Best‌ ‌for‌ ‌your‌ ‌budget‌: AT&T

We discovered AT&T to be the lowest priced cable internet available. Their U-Basic TV package runs at a starting price of $19.99/mo., with an additional $7.99/mo. broadcast TV fee. You get over 30 channels with a 12-month agreement.

The actual channels you receive vary according to the market you’re in. This is because the bulk of what you receive includes local channels.

Also, it’s important to note that there’s a $35 activation fee up-front. There are also various taxes, as is common with most cable companies.

Take a moment to see if AT&T offers service in your area

Starting Price Additional Fees Number of Channels Availability
$19.99/mo. Up to $7.99/mo. Broadcast & additional fees apply. 225+ 22 states

*pricing as of 11/17/2019

Best‌ ‌channel options: Optimum

If you want broad channel options, look to Optimum. They offer 420+ channels if you get their largest subscription package — Optimum Premier. They even have New Movie Tuesdays where the latest hits are offered On Demand.

The premiere package starting price is $109.95, and with that, you get high-quality TV service and lots of choices. The starting price for their basic package — Optimum Core — is $59.95. In some of their packages, they also offer 4K Ultra HD, a voice-activated remote, and Cloud DVR Plus.

Take a moment to see if Optimum offers service near you.

Here’s the pricing and information for the Optimum Premier Package:

Starting Price Additional Fees Number of Channels Availability
$109.95 Broadcast tax & additional fees vary by location. 420+ 4 states

*pricing as of 11/17/2019

Best‌ ‌for‌ ‌package‌ ‌add-ons‌: Mediacom

Mediacom offers HD add-on options for any of its TV packages. You can choose HBO, which comes with up to 13 channels in its package. You can also choose Showtime (up to 17 channels), Starz (up to 15 channels), or Cinemax (up to 10 channels).

They also offer TiVo DVR service, which makes it possible for you to record around 1,000 SD hours or 150 HD hours. You can even record and watch from any room in your house where you have cable. It makes it convenient to catch all of your favorite TV shows on your own timeline.

Take a moment to see if Mediacom offers service in your area. 

Starting Price Additional Fees Number of Channels Availability
$49.98/mo. Local broadcast station surcharge ranging from $11.75 to $18.19. Equipment fees vary. 100+ 22 states

*pricing as of 11/17/2019

Best‌ ‌for‌ ‌movie-watchers‌: Suddenlink

With over 340 channels (105+ in HD), you have a plethora of movie choices at your fingertips. If for some reason you can’t find a good movie to watch, you can turn to On Demand and rent or purchase a new movie there.

Their package prices vary by location and they are available in 19 states. There are extra fees, including the standard broadcast TV fee and equipment rental fees. For some of these fees, Suddenlink has your wallet covered. They offer specials on installation fees when you order online.

Take a moment to see if Suddenlink offers service in your area. 

Starting Price Additional Fees Number of Channels Availability
$60/mo. Broadcast fee $5.88, sports programming fee $3. 340+ 19 states

*pricing as of 11/17/2019, based on a quote in San Francisco, California 

Best‌ ‌bundle deals: Xfinity

Xfinity is available in 39 states and provides competitive pricing for multiple services. If you’re looking to bundle, you can choose from their Double Play or Triple Play packages.

Double Play combines TV and internet starting at $69.99/mo. Triple Play adds Voice (phone service) to the TV and internet package. That starts at $79.99/mo.

Take a moment to see if Xfinity offers service in your area

Here’s the pricing and information for the Double Play service:

Starting Price Additional Fees Number of Channels Availability
$69.99/mo. Broadcast tax & additional fees vary by location. 125+ 39 states

*pricing as of 11/17/2019

Best reliability: Spectrum

Spectrum is available in 44 states. The result of all that coverage is a national network of equipment that is capable of providing reliable service at a starting price of $44.99/mo.

One thing to note with Spectrum is that they usually don’t require a contract. That means if you are unhappy with their service, you’re free to make a switch.

Take a moment to see if Spectrum offers services near you

Starting Price Additional Fees Number of Channels Availability
$44.99/mo. Broadcast surcharge up to $13.50/mo. Additional fees vary. 200+ 44 states

*pricing as of 11/17/2019

Note: Our “best” selections are based on research obtained from customer satisfaction surveys and credible reporting. This includes online reviews and statistical data. All pricing and information can be found on each cable TV provider’s website. Pricing listed above were sourced on November 17, 2019. Prices and services vary by location and are subject to change.

Cheapest cable options for those who only need the bare minimum

Finding cheap cable can feel like a daunting task, but it’s absolutely possible to find the cheapest cable in your area if you are willing to do the research. You can start by checking out the following companies, who have some of the cheapest cable options around, without all of the gimmicks.

  • AT&T has U-Basic TV with over 30 channels for $19/mo. They have a presence in 22 states. Their plans require a 12-month agreement.
  • Cox Communications offers the Cox TV Starter plan for $25/mo. You get over 75 channels of entertainment, and best of all, there’s no contract. You can enjoy cheap cable TV and freedom, all at the same time. Cox Communications is available in 18 states.
  • Xfinity starts at $34.99/mo. for more than 10 channels. They provide cable TV in 39 states.

What you should consider when choosing a cable company

After you have been through the process of moving, the last thing you want is to wind up with a cable TV service provider that you dislike. It’s worth doing your research on the front end to make sure you choose the right TV provider for you and your family.

Here are a few of the things you should be on the lookout for when choosing a cable company: 

  • Hidden Fees
    Many cable companies will advertise an incredible price but what you don’t know is that behind that price are things like box rental fees and broadcast TV fees. Be sure to ask about all of the fees associated with the plan and request a total monthly bill quote.
  • Long-Term Contracts
    Getting roped into a ridiculously long contract is the last thing you need when you’re trying to enjoy your new place. Be on the lookout for the agreement length so that you can make sure it aligns with your future plans.
  • Customer Service
    You want to connect with a cable company that is going to value your business. Taking a look at online reviews and checking out the Better Business Bureau or the American Customer Satisfaction Index is a great way to find out how the cable company you are considering treats their customers. (Remember: It’s best to find out before you’re tied in!)

The bottom line

It’s important to make your new place feel like home. Making the right decisions for your household, such as which cable company to choose, can have a big impact on that. MYMOVE provides you with the information you need to make a choice you’ll be happy with.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money on cable?

Start by doing your research. Compare cable packages available in your area, and then make sure you ask about hidden fees, like equipment rentals and a broadcast TV tax.

How to get free cable TV legally?

You can get free cable TV legally by purchasing and installing a digital antenna. With the antenna, you can access a few channels, depending on the signal in your area. But know that you will be limited in what channels you can access and the picture quality isn’t the most reliable. The best way to get cable TV is by shopping around for a provider that fits your needs and your budget.

What equipment do I need to set up cable TV?

You will likely need a special cable box that makes it possible for you to access all of your channels. Often times there is a rental fee associated with the box. The cable company you choose will be able to help you with specifics, according to the plan you have chosen and the area you live in.

Is cable TV better than streaming?

There are many benefits to cable TV. The number one benefit is reliability. As for streaming, sometimes there can be connectivity issues. Plus, you won’t have access to a lot of local channels if you’re only using streaming services.

Can I get cable internet along with my cable TV?

Many cable companies offer special packages and rates when you bundle. In fact, you might even be able to find a rate that is the same or not much more than what you would be paying for cable alone.

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