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When will I receive my coupons?

Coupons selected during the Change of Address process will be delivered immediately. Coupons selected on MYMOVE.com after the Change of Address process are delivered by each company you select, and typically arrive within a few days to a week. You will also receive coupons enclosed in your official USPS® Change of Address confirmation mailings at your new and old address.

I haven't received my coupons. What do I do?

Can I cancel coupons I selected?

What happens to the information I provided to MYMOVE?

Voter Registration

Where do I mail my voter registration form?

You should mail your completed and signed voter registration form to your local board of elections office. This mailing address is located on the last page of the voter registration PDF that was sent to your email. If the address is not there, or if is incorrect, you can find your local board of elections by searching "board of elections" or "voter registrar" for your county.

What is the password to download my voter registration form?

How do I fill out my voter registration form?

Do I need to submit multiple voter registration forms for my family?

I'm moving close to election day. Should I still change my voter registration?

Where can I download another voter registration form?

Do I need to change my voter registration if I am moving within the same city or state?

What if I don't want to use the voter registration form I filled out?

I don't have access to a printer. What should I do?

When will I receive my new voter registration card?

What are my state's requirements for voter registration?

Voting Procedures

How can I tell if I am registered to vote?

You should receive an updated voter registration card in the mail when your voter registration is successfully changed. You can also contact your local board of elections or visit a site like Rock the Vote to check your voter registration status anytime.

How do I notify my former election office I have moved?

How do I get an absentee ballot?

Where do I vote on election day?

I am unable to go to my polling place on election day. How can I vote?


What is MYMOVE?

MYMOVE partners with the United States Postal Service® to provide move-related offers and tools during and after the Change of Address process. We also work with top brands to get movers unbeatable savings on products and services they need when they move.

How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

Why was I charged $1.05 to complete my Change of Address?

How can I complete another Change of Address?

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