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Radiator Humidifiers for Comfortable Rooms During the Winter

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You probably noticed that turning on the radiators makes the air harder to breathe in a room. If you haven’t, just think of those times you woke up feeling you have a sore and dry neck. This is due- we will leave out all the secondary causes- to the fact that there is not enough humidity in the air. Most people resolve this the old fashion way, by placing a water recipient on the radiator. But there is a more fashionable way to handle this and we will try to show you an alternative in today’s post. This is basically what these elements in the pictures below do: they humidify the air and make it more “breathable”.  How do they work? Well, it is quite simple- they all feature a small container that can be filled with water that will slowly evaporate. Not only will this make the air more healthy, but it will also have a nice and aesthetic effect on the room. -via Apartment Therapy

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