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Tools to Keep Your Closet Tidy

Have you ever cleared out your closet, only to find the mess is back a week later?

Keeping clothes, shoes, and accessories tidy in a confined space can be cumbersome. Luckily, we have plenty of storage solutions to help you get things in order! Here’s the best way to organize everything in your closet.


If you don’t have enough space to line your shoes on the closet floor, stack them on an expandable shelf or spinning rack. That way, each pair will still be easily accessible. With all your shoes in plain sight, you’ll be more aware of what you own and get more use out of your collection! With smaller closets, opt for an over-the-door hanging shelf. We like the kind with stacked, structured shelves instead of the ones with mesh pockets so you can fit different-size shoes, like heels and boots.

Whitmor 30-Pair Over
the Door Shoe Rack
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3-Shelf Wooden/
Metal Shoe Rack
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Honey-Can-Do® 4-Tier
Revolving Shoe Tree in Bronze
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Hanging all your clothes on one rod can get messy, especially if you’re sharing a closet. Build vertically instead! A two-tier suspension rod separates each section of the closet and makes use of empty space. It’s also a smart idea to switch from plastic to velvet hangers to prevent clothes from falling as you shuffle through for an outfit. Padded hangers are ideal for preventing shoulder bumps in your favorite sweaters.

$7.99 Each
Real Simple® Slimline
5-tier Swivel Pant Hanger
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$9.99 Each Set
Real Simple® 12-Count
Flocked Suit Hangers
with Gold Hook
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Commercial Grade Chrome
Double Hang Closet Rod
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Shelves and drawers are ideal for storing textiles and other soft goods that need to be folded, like scarves, sweaters, and bedding. Use hanging shelves to neatly stack sheets and pillowcases, and a small sliding drawer unit to tuck away bulkier items like towels, blankets, and throw pillows. If you’re still short on space, install a display shelf at eye level for an elevated surface that’s still within arm’s reach.


Honey-Can-Do® 3-Drawer
Wheeled Chest in Black/White
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$49.99 – $59.99
Kate and Laurel Corblynd
Wooden Wall Shelf
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Simplify 6-Shelf Sweater
Organizer in Blue
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As small as they are, scarves, hats, belts, and other accessories can still take up a lot of real estate in your closet. Instead of throwing them all in a plastic bin, invest in cleverly crafted tools like O-ring hangers, wall hooks, brackets, and hat clips. You can even create a closet within a closet by hanging a jewelry armoire over the door!

Door Solutions™ Mirror
Jewelry and Accessory
Organizer in White
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Umbra® Nickel
Estique Over-the-Door
Accessory Organizer
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Real Simple® Flocked
Cascading Scarf Hanger
in Blue
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