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A clear home leads to a clear mind. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of inspirations and ideas to help you prioritize and organize after your move—and stay clutter-free long after the unpacking’s over.

Your Clutter Stresses You Out: Science Says So

Can a clear home lead to a clear mind? It can certainly help, says science. Your crammed closet, piles of paperwork and overflowing junk... Read More

Keeping Your Kitchen Neat with Open Shelving

Open kitchen shelving is so “in” right now, and we understand why. It’s a great way to create a more organized, efficient cooking space... Read More

Moving to a Small Apartment? Here’s How to Maximize Space

If you are moving from a suburban house to a small city apartment, room management and innovation are everything. Finding an apartment that... Read More

3 Ways to Winterize Your House that Most People Miss

Winterizing is important for all homeowners in cold climates, but it's especially crucial for anyone who will be leaving their property... Read More

5 Cool Tiny Houses (That Will Inspire You to Downsize)

Have you been thinking about moving into a smaller place? Like, much smaller? Most of us scoff at the idea of living in 300 square feet... Read More

7 Small Space Storage Hacks You Need to Know Stat

You're just about to move into a small rented space. Despite every effort to purge yourself of any nonessential possession, you're still... Read More

Don’t Throw That Out! 8 Things That Deserve a Second Life in Your New Home

We've all been there. Packing for a move begins with a thoughtful, meticulous selection and wrapping process—that ends abruptly after 5... Read More

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