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The Best Mattress Bags for Moving and Storage

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Mattresses are a large financial investment, with some of the best mattresses costing well over $1,000. They also require a little extra care when moving. Mattress bags can keep your mattress clean and protected during a move. And if you need your items stored before you finally move into your new home, keeping the mattress sealed in a mattress bag ensures your bed will remain dust-free and dry until it’s time to set your bedroom up.

With so many mattress bags on the market, it can be hard to tell which mattress bag is best for your move.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top seven mattress bags for moving and storage. 

The best mattress bags for moving and storage

Mattress bagPriceBest for
ComfortHome 2-Pack Mattress Bags$11.99Best for your budget
Tru Lite Mattress Storage Bag$14.99Most heavy duty
Linenspa Mattress Bag$23.99Easiest to wrap
UltraBlock Mattress Bag$26.99Best waterproof bag
MattSafe Mattress Bags$49.99Best for carrying
Colgate Zippered Crib Mattress Bag$19.99Best for infant mattresses
LLYWCM Reusable Mattress Bag$32.99Best reusable bag
Prices accurate as of 11/4/2022

We factored in customer reviews, durability, price, ease of use and thickness when selecting our mattress bag picks. 

Best for your budget: ComfortHome 2-Pack Mattress Bags


  • Comes with two mattress bags
  • Simple design for packing a mattress
  • Plastic can be reused to cover other furniture pieces or as a drop cloth
  • Rated 4.5 out 5 on Amazon


  • No handles
  • Requires taping closed — does not come with self-adhesive for easy sealing

If you don’t plan on moving often, investing in a higher-cost mattress bag isn’t necessary. You can still buy a quality bag that will survive a move for an affordable price. The ComfortHome mattress bag is the perfect example — you’ll get two bags for less than $12 and free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

The ComfortHome mattress bag is no-frills and best for a single use. There are no handles or other bells and whistles, but considering the price, it may be worth the trade-off. You’ll need to seal the bag using packing tape once you insert your mattress or box spring. But once you do, the 1.5 Mil polyethylene cover will protect your bed against moisture, dust and dirt.

Most heavy duty: Tru Lite Mattress Storage Bag


  • Puncture-proof and tear-resistant heavy-duty plastic
  • Large bag size for XL and deep mattress styles
  • Rated 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon


  • No handles
  • Requires taping to close unless you order the self-adhesive seal version

If you’ve ever moved before, you know that items tend to get damaged in transit. To reduce the chances of soiling or damaging your bed, Tru Lite’s mattress bag is one of the most durable, heavy-duty bags available.

The thick 4 mil. commercial-grade plastic won’t rip or tear, so your mattress stays protected. In addition, this heavy-duty mattress bag has deep gusseted corners so even the thickest pillow top mattress will fit inside.

Easiest to wrap: Linenspa Mattress Bag


  • Comes with two mattress bags
  • Simple design for sliding a mattress in
  • Rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon


  • No handles
  • Requires packing tape to seal

Trying to wrap a large, bulky mattress is sometimes a challenge. Linenspa’s envelope design makes it fairly simple to place your mattress in the bag. Slide the end of a mattress into the opening and work the bag up the remainder of the mattress.  Once you do, fold the extra plastic over and seal it with packing tape.

The 2 mil clear polyethylene isn’t the thickest but should be sufficient to keep your mattress safe and dry. Linenspa provides you with two mattress bags per order — use one for the boxspring and one for the mattress.

Best waterproof bag: UltraBlock Mattress Bag


  • Reusable
  • 100% recyclable
  • Self-adhesive closure


  • No handles
  • 15” thick mattresses may be a tight fit

One of the most damaging things that can happen to your mattress is moisture. If your mattress gets wet and is unable to properly dry because it’s wrapped in plastic, the mold and mildew that can develop will ruin it.

Most mattress covers are made of plastic to solve this issue, but thinner plastic can tear or puncture. UltraBlocks’ waterproof mattress bag uses the thickest, 6 mil plastic available to keep moisture out. The bag has dual self-adhesive closures so you can peel and seal your mattress bag quickly.

Best for carrying: MattSafe Mattress Bag


  • Reusable
  • Thick tarp material
  • 8 handles
  • 5-year warranty
  • Rated 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon


  • Blue tarp color is opaque
  • More expensive than other mattress bags ($40 range)

Even with a couple of people, trying to get a mattress out of your home and into a moving truck isn’t easy. Not many mattress bags come with grab handles. MattSafe Mattress Bag comes with eight handles to ensure you have a good grip when moving your mattress.

This mattress bag is constructed of heavy-duty tarp material for a waterproof and tear-resistant design. A heavy-duty zipper ensures you can reuse the mattress bag on other occasions. It’s the only mattress bag in our roundup that comes with a warranty — the manufacturer guarantees the bag for five years.

Best for infant mattresses: Colgate Zippered Crib Mattress Bag


  • Durable plastic
  • Reusable design with a zipper enclosure
  • Rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon


  • No handles

Keeping your baby’s mattress clean and hygienic a high priority. The issue is, most mattress bags end up being too large to properly wrap an infant crib mattress. Colgate created a mattress bag for cribs that’s just right for the smaller size.

The zippered bag is easy to manage and can be reused in the future. Save it for each time you need to move the mattress, or upcycle the bag to store blankets and other items once your baby outgrows their crib.

Best reusable mattress bag: LLYWCM Reusable Mattress Bag


  • Reusable
  • 8 handles
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Rated 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon


  • Bright blue color
  • More expensive than other types of bags

Mattress bags use a lot of plastic, which can end up taking up space in a landfill. You can opt for a reusable mattress bag, which could come in handy for more than just one moving or storage trip.

LLYWCM’s mattress bag is made of thick, waterproof material. It features double stitching and a double heavy-duty zipper for durability. Integrated handles are strong enough to make it possible to carry the mattress or drag it without tearing the bag. The bag is one of the more expensive ones in our best mattress bag roundup, but considering it’s reusable, it should pay for itself over time.

Things to consider when shopping for mattress bags

When looking at mattress bags, there’s more to finding the right bag than buying the cheapest one. Some other factors to consider are:

  • Purpose: Decide on whether you’ll be using the mattress bag to place the bed in storage or move it. You may want a heavier-duty bag if movers will be transporting it.
  • Construction: Depending on how much handling it will get, look for mattress bags thicker than 2 mil. In addition, mattress bags with handles and reinforced stitching make it easier to carry and move the mattress without tearing the bag.
  • Enclosure/reusability: Mattress bags with zippers or self-adhesive seals can be reused more easily than mattress bags requiring packing tape to close.
  • Impact on the environment: Once the mattress bag’s life cycle is over, recyclable bags have less impact on the environment. Some are even made with recycled materials, for an earth-friendlier bag.

Consider buying a new mattress

Mattresses are one of the most common new home purchases. If you want to avoid the hassle of stuffing your old mattress into a mattress bag and moving it, consider purchasing a new mattress instead. Plus, instead of moving it, you can have your mattress shipped right to your new front door.

The bottom line

A mattress bag can extend the life of your mattress. To reduce the chances that your mattress stains, gets wet, or tears, wrap it in a mattress bag. The small investment, will be well worth it.

Frequently asked questions


Where can I buy mattress bags?


You can find mattress bags at Amazon, some office supplies stores, moving companies, or U-Haul. Compare mattress bags from the variety available to decide which kind is best for you.


Can you vacuum seal a mattress?


Many people vacuum seal a mattress bag to save space. It all depends on the type of mattress. Foam mattresses without springs are the easiest to vacuum seal.


What material is best for a mattress bag?


When choosing a mattress bag, look for thick, waterproof, and unvented material. Unvented mattress bags don’t allow dust, moisture, or pests to enter the bag. Choose a bag that’s between 4 and 6 mil for maximum durability.

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