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Rent Budget Truck for Your Move: Everything You Need to Know

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A quick look at Budget Truck Rental

Budget Truck Rental is one of the biggest truck leasing companies in the United States. With a fleet of 32,000 trucks and vans spread across 2,800 locations, you are bound to find a Budget Truck Rental available near you.

Among the many options you may consider when planning a move is whether you should hire professional movers or rent a truck and move own belongings. The second option is usually the cheaper route, but it requires more work on your end. If you do choose to move on your own, you’ll need to first select a rental truck.

To help in your quest, here’s everything you need to know about Budget Truck Rental:

How much does it cost to rent a Budget Truck?

The cost of renting a budget truck depends on the size of the truck, the location you’re renting from, and how many days you need it. If you’re moving long-distance and require a one-way Budget truck rental, you can expect to pay considerably more than you would for a local in-town move. Local rentals typically have a daily rate plus mileage, while one-way rentals will have a fixed price. Using promo codes or other discounts you find online can help reduce the price further.

As an example of a local move, consider moving within Atlanta, Georgia. According to quotes from Budget there, a 12-foot or 16-foot Budget Truck rental goes for $49.99/day. A 26-foot truck costs $59.99/day. All sizes will incur an additional mileage charge of $0.79 per mile.

Here’s more rental pricing information for a Budget Truck rental in Atlanta, Georgia: 

Truck Size Base Rate Included Mileage Estimated Fuel Costs Add-Ons
12 feet $49.99* $0.79 per mile* Refuel before returning the truck Blankets, hand trucks, moving labor, protection plan, and roadside assistance
16 feet $49.99* $0.79 per mile* Refuel before returning the truck Blankets, hand trucks, moving labor, protection plan, and roadside assistance
26 feet $59.99* $0.79 per mile* Refuel before returning the truck Blankets, hand trucks, moving labor, protection plan, and roadside assistance

*Based on a single quote retrieved from Budget Truck for a rental in Atlanta, Georgia on November 9, 2019.

Understanding your Budget Truck Rental quote

If you’re moving locally, your budget truck rental quote will include two important prices. One is the daily base rate. The second figure is the rate per mile. You will be charged for every mile you drive from the time you pick up the truck until the time you drop it off.

For long-distance moves, you will be quoted an all-inclusive price with unlimited miles. For example, renting a 12-foot Budget Truck to move from Atlanta to Austin, TX will cost $718*. For long-distance moves, you will be given a certain number of days to complete your move, but may request extra days at an additional cost if you need them.

Your quote may be affected by any other add-ons such as moving supplies, unloading help for hire, or protection coverage. You may also be subject to late fees if you do not return your truck on time.

*Based on a single quote retrieved from Budget Truck for a rental from Atlanta, GA to Austin, TX on November 9, 2019.

Breaking down Budget’s truck rental fees

Budget Truck Rental charges fees consistent with other moving truck rental companies. Whether you’re moving locally or across state lines, these are the types of fees you should expect to encounter:

  • Daily rate. Budget leases trucks locally for a daily rate. You will be charged this amount every day until you return the truck.
  • Rate per mile.  For local moves, you will be charged a specified rate per mile, for example, $0.79. For every mile you drive the truck you will be charged that amount. So if you drive 10 miles at the example rate per mile of 0.79, you will be charged $7.90.
  • Moving labor. Remember: You’re only paying for the truck, not movers. If you need help, Budget Truck can help arrange labor to load or unload your truck for an additional fee.
  • Packing supplies. If you need moving blankets or hand trucks, you can rent them when making your reservation.
  • Taxes. Some jurisdictions levy taxes when you rent trucks to move. If you are in one of them, be prepared to pay.

What size Budget truck do I need?

Budget Truck Rentals come in three main sizes: 12-foot, 16-foot, and 26-foot. The table below provides an explanation of how much can fit in each size truck.

Truck Size Capacity Max Weight
12 feet 1-2 rooms / studio apartment 3,610 lbs
16 feet 3-4 rooms / 1 bedroom home 4,460 lbs
26 feet 5-7 rooms / 2-3 bedroom home 10,000 lbs

Budget Truck: The Pros and Cons

Budget Truck Rentals might sound like a great option so far, but you should consider the pros and cons. A do-it-yourself move isn’t a good idea for everyone, so you might also consider the benefits of a full-service move or using a moving container.

The advantages of hiring Budget Truck 

  • You’ll save a significant amount as compared to hiring a full-service moving company.
  • Access to your belongings during the moving process.
  • Change or cancel your reservation as needed.
  • Move according to your own schedule. You aren’t paying hourly, so there’s no rush.

The disadvantages of hiring Budget Truck

  • You have to drive the moving truck. This may mean you have to tow your regular vehicle or have another family member drive it as well.
  • You’re responsible for gas. You’re expected to pay for whatever fuel you use and return the truck with the same amount of gas that was in the tank when you picked it up.
  • You need to load and unload your own items. You can hire help separately for a fee, or take on the task of moving boxes and heavy furniture all day.

Budget Truck reviews

As one of the biggest truck leasing companies in the nation, Budget Truck has online reviews that vary widely from location to location. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, however, customer reviews on the site give Budget an average one-star (out of five) rating. The company also has a one-star rating from Consumer Affairs, based on 723 ratings submitted to the site last year. Most of the complaints are concerned with unexpected charges, mechanical breakdowns, and reservations that were not honored.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a Budget truck?

Budget trucks can be rented for the local daily rate plus mileage. Costs vary by size of truck and location. Long-distance moves are calculated based on time and distance.

Do Budget trucks have ramps?

16-foot and 26-foot Budget trucks are equipped with ramps. The 12-foot truck does not have a ramp.

What is the cheapest moving truck rental company?

Moving truck rentals vary depending on availability, demand, season, and location. That means the cheapest company may vary depending on where you live. Your best bet is to get quotes from up to three different companies to determine the best deal for your situation.

What size moving truck do I need?

Determine the truck size based on the number of bedrooms. The 12′ truck will hold the contents of a studio apartment or one or two rooms. The 16′ truck will load three to four rooms or the equivalent of a 1 bedroom house. The 26′ foot truck will hold more than five rooms and is suitable for a 2-3 bedroom house.

How do I prepare for my move?

There is much to be done before moving day. Check out our interactive moving checklist to find out everything you need to do.

Should I purchase insurance from Budget Truck Rental?

The good news is that your contents are likely covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. However, it may be wise to double-check and purchase additional coverage from Budget.

Is there a minimum age to rent a moving truck?

In most states, you need to be 24 years old to rent a moving truck. Some states allow 18–23-year-olds to rent under certain conditions and additional costs.

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