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The Top Moving Trailer Rental Companies

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Renting a moving truck can be expensive, especially when you consider the added costs of fueling up. Not everyone is comfortable driving a large truck on busy, traffic-filled highways. But a trailer rental can be a great way to get your things where they need to go.

A moving trailer rental can help you safely transport your stuff with fewer out-of-pocket expenses than a traditional truck rental. It can also have the added benefit of providing extra storage for your move. If you need a place to stow your things before moving day or need to take a load to a storage unit, a moving trailer can pull double-duty.

But when deciding whether or not to go with a trailer rental, consider the details of your move. Do you need an enclosed trailer to protect your belongings from dirt and dust? Do you need a tow dolly to transport your car when you move? Do you want to drive your own car to pull the trailer, or do you need a moving truck?

Decide what moving trailer options are best for you and compare offerings from the top rental companies.

Top moving trailer rental companies

  • U-Haul– Best Trailer Options
  • Budget – Best Deals and Discounts
  • Penske – Most Straightforward Pricing

We compared 8 companies and selected these for their nationwide availability, affordability, and booking convenience with an app or online reservations. Each company offers different services, truck sizes, trailer sizes, and other perks that put them on the list. 


Why U-Haul made the list: 

Nationwide availability and a fleet of options, from cargo trailer rentals to car trailers, make U-Haul a standout option for DIY movers. It’s also the only one to offer enclosed trailer rentals that protect your belongings from weather and dirt during transport.

U-Haul prides its trailers on being lightweight and user-friendly, allowing you to use your personal vehicle to tow your belongings.

How much does a U-Haul trailer rental cost?

Rental prices depend on many factors, like your pick-up and drop-off locations, the day of the week, and the season. Base rental prices begin at $14.95 for local moves and increase from there, depending on the size and type of trailer you choose. Those prices change for a long-distance move. Trailer rental prices for a move from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, start at $160 for the smallest cargo trailer.

Additional fees include damage protection and environmental fees. You can also rent moving equipment like dollies and furniture pads for an additional cost.

U-Haul offers regular discounts — check the site for more information.

*Prices as of 5/06/2022. Note that costs can vary based on the location and date of your move. 

U-Haul trailer rentals

4′ x 8′ Cargo Trailer

  • Max weight: About 1,600 lbs. (But depends on your car’s curb weight)
  • Can hold a room’s worth of stuff or a few large pieces of furniture

4′ x 7′ Utility Trailer

  • Max weight: About 1,900 lbs (But depends on your car’s curb weight)
  • Can hold bigger pieces of equipment or a room’s worth of belongings (as long as you’re okay with it being exposed to weather and dirt)

Tow Dolly

  • Max weight: About 3,450 lbs. when towing a front-wheel-drive vehicle; 3,900 lbs. when towing a rear-wheel-drive vehicle.
  • Can tow your car while you move

Budget Truck Rental

Why Budget made the list: 

Budget Truck Rental boasts more than 2,300 rental locations, so chances are good for finding a branch nearby. You can spend more time preparing for your move, and less time tracking down a car trailer. But to get your car here to there, you must also rent a 16- or 24-foot Budget moving truck.

The tow dolly lifts the front wheels of a car and pulls behind your Budget truck rental. The car carrier transports your entire car on a trailer that attaches to the rear of the rented truck.

Budget does not offer enclosed moving trailers or utility cargo trailers.

How much does a Budget trailer rental cost?

The cost of renting a trailer through Budget includes the rental for the moving truck. To give you an idea of cost, consider a local move in Charlotte, NC, that includes towing a small SUV.

Base costs for a 16-foot truck would cost you $29.99/day. You can add a tow dolly for $45/day or a car carrier for $55/day. You will face additional fees for equipment (like furniture pads and hand trucks) and protection packages.

Budget offers regular discounts and promo codes. Check the site for more information.

*Prices as of 5/06/2022. Note that costs can vary based on the location and date of your move.

Budget Car Carrier

  • Max weight: About 4,055 lbs.
  • Can transport four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles

Budget Tow Dolly

  • Max weight: About 3,330 lbs. for front-wheel-drive vehicles and 3,600 lbs. for all-wheel, rear-wheel or four-wheel-drive vehicles
  • Can transport front-wheel-drive autos


Why Penske made the list:

When you rent a moving truck from Penske, you have a choice of renting a car carrier or a tow dolly. But, like Budget, you can’t rent a car carrier or a tow dolly without also renting a Penske truck.

Penske pricing is straightforward and includes the cost of renting the moving truck and the additional dolly or trailer. An added bonus: Penske does not have any hidden mileage or turn-in fees for its rentals.

How much does a Penske trailer rental cost?

Like most other moving truck rental companies, rates switch from one day to the next, so a flexible moving date benefits movers on a budget.

Consider a local move in Charlotte, NC. The base price for an overnight rental of a 16-foot truck is $174 plus unlimited mileage. Renting a car tow dolly would be an additional $1.00, and a car carrier would cost $29.00.

Penske offers frequent promo codes to bring down the cost of the rental, along with regular discounts for active military, veterans, college students, and AAA members.

Penske Car Carrier

  • Max weight: About 4,050 lbs.
  • Can transport front-wheel-, four-wheel-, and all-wheel-drive vehicles

Penske Tow Dolly

  • Max weight: About 4,300 lbs.
  • Can transport front-wheel drive vehicles

Tips for packing a trailer rental

There’s a right way and a wrong to do just about everything, especially when it comes to packing a moving trailer rental. Make sure your move doesn’t include dealing with damaged items.

  • Be sure to get the proper size. Going too small runs the risk of things breaking in the move.
  • Take apart your furniture before you load it. Wrap the surfaces in moving blankets to prevent scratches.
  • Place fragile boxes and items on top of larger, heavier boxes and furniture.
  • Organize (and label) your boxed items by room as you load them into the truck. This can help you unload the truck faster.

The bottom line

U-Haul is the only company that offers enclosed trailer rental. Budget and Penske, as well as U-Haul, have car trailers and tow dolly rentals. Consider the details of your move to decide how renting a moving trailer can help.

Frequently asked questions

Does Budget rent trailers? 

No, Budget does not rent moving trailers. It does, however, offer tow dollies and car carriers when you rent a Budget moving truck.

Does Penske rent trailers? 

No, Penske does not rent trailers. Like Budget, it does rent tow dollies and car carriers.

How much does it cost to rent a cargo trailer?

Cargo trailer rentals start at $14.95 for the most basic model from U-Haul, the only company to offer a cargo trailer. Pricing will vary depending on your specific move details and dates.

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