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Moving During the Holidays: 3 Reasons It Might Be Worth It

Should I Move During the Holidays?

Along with the joy of the holiday season comes a certain amount of stress. Blanking on gift ideas, traveling in the snow and putting up with your Aunt Barb at Christmas dinner are all a good reasons to hide in the pantry and sneak a shot of whiskey [EDITOR’S NOTE: MYMOVE does not condone this behavior, but…we understand]. Add moving into the mix? That would be the thought of a crazy person-or would it? If you’re on a month-to-month lease, or if your 12-month lease is drawing near renewal, you may want to consider changing addresses in the midst of the end-of-year holidays.

Here’s why moving during the holiday season might just be a great idea.

1. Off-Season Discounts

Most movers have a busy season (late summer, usually) and an off-season. If you can get out of your lease in mid-December, you’re probably not going to face a lot of competition when it comes to finding a moving truck. In fact, the movers may be thrilled to have the business. From hiring movers to renting storage facilities, moving late-November through January means you can usually take advantage of lower rates all the way around. Your truck will cost less (meaning you may be able to afford additional services, such as packing assistance), and you use some of the money saved during these holiday sales to outfit your new home with new furniture and decor!

2. Family Drama Avoidance

Looking for a way to get out of New Year’s Eve at Aunt Barb’s house? Oh, dang, you just remembered: you can’t make it-you have to pack that night!

People generally understand that the logistics of a move become all-consuming for a few weeks, so you have the perfect excuse for getting out of boring parties or dreadful dinners at your disposal. If there are family events that you simply can’t stand to attend, schedule a furniture delivery or get to bubble wrapping. Some traditions are meant to be broken. But seriously, if traveling during the holidays gets you down, the excitement and positive stress of a local move could actually make your holiday season much more delightful this year. [EDITOR’S NOTE: MYMOVE does not ACTUALLY condone skipping out on family gatherings by purposefully scheduling your move-or moving-related activities-for the same day. But…we understand.]

3. You’ll Start Your New Year Fresh

Maybe you went through a divorce this year, or you’re about to quit that job you hate. Or maybe your resolution for the next year is to get healthy and stop spending too much money on the fast food from around the corner. No matter what plans you have for the following year, having a different address is a good place to start. Sometimes physically moving can usher in a new chapter in your life, and you’ll be happy to be settled into a different lease when the fresh calendar year arrives.

Moving around the holidays might sound like a wild idea, but it’s not so bad when you consider the discounts and the “Get Out of Christmas Free” card. Uprooting your living situation at the end of the year could solve a few problems at once!


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