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Christmas In a Crunch? Nine Ways to Simplify the Holiday While Moving

Is Christmas-in its all-things-glittery glory-the most conducive holiday to celebrate during a move? No. Is it possible to still experience the holiday’s essence while transitioning homes? With some open-mindedness and creativity, absolutely.

Holiday enthusiasts, bear with us. We feel your disappointment for not going full-blown Christmas crazy this year, but that’s one thing you can go ahead and hang up. We’ve got ideas for how you can streamline Christmas without feeling like the Grinch completely stole it.

Let go of Perfection

Christmas brings out the holiday spirit-but its ornate nature can also incite the need for perfection and extravagance. Pledge to cut back on all things Christmas this year-the decorations, distractions, cards, clutter, chaos and commitments. Let moving and settling into the home you’ll spend Christmases to come in remain your top priority.

Shrink your Christmas Tree

Picturing Christmas without a large, elaborate tree may be tough, but one way to streamline Christmas is not to trim your tree, but to shrink the size of it. Regardless of whether you decorate a real or fake one, a bulky, decked-out tree is a cumbersome addition to a family on the move. Instead, purchase a few very small trees to enjoy during your reprieves in between packing. Here are 20 tiny tree ideas that will motivate you to shrink the size of it, stat.

Embrace the “Less is More” Mentality

When it comes to presents, a sabbatical from them to reflect on what really matters can be the best gift of all. Float the concept by those you regularly exchange them with to see if they’ll welcome the two-way pass. If you have kids, the gift-less holiday idea may not fly-in which case, you can peruse Amazon’s gift guide for some 1-click inspiration. Either way, consider tabling gifts until after you’ve settled into your new place. The last thing you need is more boxes to bring with you on the move. Unless we’re talking pizza.

Skip the Complicated Meal

What causes the most holiday stress of all? Just ask the cook. Mastering a complex meal with half-packed pots and pans is so not in this year. Do yourself a favor and indulge in a restaurant dinner (or invite yourself to someone else’s house). If you can’t scratch the itch without a festive homemade meal, try these 33 Christmas crock pot recipes.

Enjoy all the Holiday Activities Instead

With the extra time you’ll gain from forgoing all-day cooking, engage in activities that’ll bring you holiday cheer. Go ice skating, watch Christmas movies and drive around to take in the holiday house lights of your new neighborhood (or say goodbye to your current one). For more ways to spend the day while bidding cooking and cleaning adieu, glean some inspiration from MYMOVE’s ideas for autumn movers.

Donate Treasures to Those Less Fortunate

Naturally, you’ll be purging your home of unnecessary items while packing, but pay attention to what could make a family feel especially lucky. View donating from a different lens, and consider giving away items you don’t truly need. You’ll simplify your move while making someone else’s holiday. Talk about a win-win.

Limit Holiday Commitments

Believe it or not, you can say no. Holiday parties are part of what makes Christmas feel festive, but in the theme of all things elaborate, the list of events you’ve been “volun-told” to attend can get out of hand. Resign to the fact this is not the year to appease everyone. You’ll need to reserve some time, money and energy for the move. Don’t fret if you’re a people-pleaser. Simply drop the “I’m moving” line and you’ll hear instant gasps of sympathy.

Avoid Traveling Long Distances

While you’re probably desperate to escape the wrath of your disarrayed home, think twice before impulsively booking a huge trip to visit friends or family for the holiday. With traveling comes added stress, fatigue, financial burden and unexpected surprises-all of which you’ll have plenty of during a move. If the “I’m moving” line doesn’t jive with family you traditionally visit, offer an alternative holiday to visit on the following year.

Host a Belated Christmas-Themed Housewarming Party

If all else fails and you just can’t imagine a year without Christmas, host an after-the-holidays housewarming party at your new home once you’re ready. It’ll give you the perfect excuse to bust out all the Christmas bells and whistles, and guests will be more than willing to celebrate an extension of the holiday in your new digs.


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