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10 Quick Tips to Add More Value to your Outdoor Home

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Your outdoor home is often forgotten when selling your home. The attention of your interiors becomes the focal point and the fact that most homebuyers make up their minds before setting foot inside your home is a daunting reality. Before you miss out on potential homebuyers let’s look at ways to add more value to your outdoor home. From brightening up your exterior color and architectural amenities to landscaping and entertaining areas, your outdoor home is a gold mine of opportunities. Here are 10 quick tips to lend more value to your exterior home and help you sell your home a lot faster this season.

1. Refresh the exterior of your home

The façade or exterior of your home is the number one focal point, so why not refresh it this season? If your home is painted wood or stucco – consider pressure washing it first to remove old dirt, debris, and ensure mold hasn’t started growing. Painting with a fresh color can enhance your exterior and preserve the wood or stucco for years to come. If you have a rock, brick or natural stone exterior – pressure wash and paint eaves, and trim for curb appeal that looks welcoming. 

2. Outdoor dining and entertaining areas

The great part about summer time is the ability to extend your dining and entertaining areas to your outdoor home. Your front porch, back lanai and backyard lawn become the place to be when entertaining friends and family. Ensure they look welcoming with well-kept lawn furniture, fresh cushions in bright summer color hues and landscaping is cut and trimmed. Overhanging shrubs hung in planters, table vases of flowers and potted greenery are perfect in these outdoor dining spaces.

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3. Upgrade windows and doors

While the upgrades of your home that involve recreation and entertainment are a major selling point, so are ones that lend lifetime value to your home. Windows and doors fall into this category and are an upgrade that is well worth your investment. Double paned windows and energy efficient varieties that keep harmful sun rays out and air leaks out are a major concern. A home inspector can check exterior doors and windows to let you know if replacing them would be a wise choice before selling your home. If you live in extreme climates of hot or cold these considerations should be moved to the top of your list.

4. Add a pool and outdoor amenities

One of the major attractions of selling a home is the list of major amenities and upgrades you have in your outdoor home. Whether you house a sparkling pool, hot tub, summer kitchen or fire pit – all of these attractions should be highlighted for maximum value. Opt to get your pool professionally cleaned and ensure all areas are clean, repaired and you can give potential homebuyers a maintenance or service checklist to prove your ongoing dedication to your home’s history.

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5. Update your landscaping with modern plants

Especially during the summertime your landscaping plays an essential role to winning the hearts of your potential homebuyers before they reach your front door. If your landscaping is overgrown, outdated or just needs a refreshing new look, consider planting modern landscaping. A variety of shrubbery, blooming annuals and perennials and hardscape such as pavers and mulch are ideal. A creative mix of landscaping materials will provide variety to the eye and texture to your outdoor home.

6. Seasonal color will perk up any home’s exterior

Part of the appeal of selling your home and adding value to your asking price is creating the feeling of the ideal home. Seasonal color is a wonderful way to create the ambiance that many homeowners are seeking. Colorful furniture, landscaping that compliments your home’s exterior color palette and attention to detail in curb appeal is essential. Consider painting lawn furniture, your mailbox and even front door to bring an eye-catching appeal to potential homebuyers.

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7. Replace house numbers and front door hardware

Modernize your front entry with the addition of house numbers and change out your old front door hardware. There is nothing more welcoming than a fresh coat of paint to your front door and accented with a new set of brass or nickel door hardware. While you’re at it, consider a new door knocker, door bell and lighting fixture to complete your front entry ‘makeover’!

8. Use Eco-friendly additions to add value

In this present day of using Earth’s resources wisely there is an increasing awareness, especially amongst homebuyers that eco-friendly additions are valuable now and for sustainability for years to come. Upgrade your outdoor home with eco-friendly amenities such as a green roof with vegetation, a drainage system to recapture rainwater and use for landscape watering. Solar panels and landscape lighting powered by solar energy and reclaimed materials for the exterior of your home. There are countless numbers of sustainable additions you can add to your home and they will add value to your home.

9. Light your exterior home and landscaping

One of the areas homeowners often forget when adding value to the exterior of their home is lighting. Whether for safety, ambiance, or security – outdoor lighting is essential for nighttime curb appeal and to assure guests arrive at your door safely and intruders stay away. Opt for architectural lighting to show off the features of your home, landscape lighting for your surrounding grounds and walkways.

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10. Stand at the street and look back at your home

You may think that lending value always means a monetary upgrade. On the contrary – adding value can be as simple as picking up debris from a fallen tree from last week’s storm. Remember homebuyers want to imagine themselves in your home the moment they arrive at the curb. Remove any preconceived thoughts of neglect – kids’ toys in the yard, trash cans turned over at the garage, abandoned cars in the side yard. Remove all signs that your home isn’t the perfect one for them to come in and see.

Add value to your exterior home with these 10 tips. Increasing the value of your home is for you to command a higher asking price, but also for the homeowner to get an investment that they can pass on to homebuyers in the future.

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