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12 Products Worth Investing in For Moving Day

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If you’ll soon be moving homes, your head is probably swirling with logistics — especially if you’re doing it yourself without movers. Respect! You’ve totally got this.

You’ve changed your address and memorized your moving checklist. You’re now in a holding pattern. What could you be doing with this spare time (besides falling into the Netflix abyss)?

What you could be doing is setting aside items that’ll streamline the process once it’s time to get moving and shaking. Here are 12 products to help you mitigate that moving day chaos.

1. Fanny Pack (or Apron, or Tool Belt)

We’re bringing fanny packs back — or trying to. Moving isn’t a day for fashion statements, so hear us out! Wear a fanny pack, apron, or tool belt to keep important items organized and at the ready as you need them. Think pens, sharpies, packing tape, labels, credit cards, checks, and more. Trendsetter? Snag one of the 7 best fanny packs to buy in 2019.

2. Wardrobe Boxes

Speaking of all things fashion, transferring your wardrobe from one closet to another without getting your clothes in a wad is always in style. Meet wardrobe boxes —  boxes with built-in hanging bars that suspend clothing upright for easy transport. A 3-pack on Amazon will run you around $35, but unveiling wrinkle-free clothing in your new home? Priceless.

3. Bar Soap

We want you to put soap where? A bar of soap is an easy, resourceful, and mess-free way to fill wall nail holes on the go. Bonus: It fits nicely in a fanny pack. Set an ivory bar of soap aside to swipe over any unattended holes you discover leading up to and on moving day.

4. Moving Straps

How can you make serious moving progress while still saving your back? With moving straps. When wrapped around furniture and large objects, moving straps help distribute weight evenly to reduce strain on your arms, hands, and back. Beginning at approximately $20, they’re an investment that’ll help you lift and load without breaking your beloved back.

5. Strap Handles

Strap in — here’s another time and back-saver. These allow you to stack, clip, and carry several boxes (even awkward, bulky ones) at once. The Container Store sells them for about $10 a strap, each of which can hold boxes at a combined weight of 50 pounds.

6. Moving Dolly

Sometimes, it just can’t be done. A moving dolly lets you wheel items that aren’t feasible to carry. They can range anywhere from $20 to more than $100 depending on the size and weight limit. If you can’t justify purchasing a dolly for just one move, considering renting one. U-Haul offers utility, furniture, and appliance dolly rentals ranging from $7 to $12.

7. Handheld Vacuum

Waiting for the right time to invest in a handheld vacuum? Consider it now. You’ll use it in your current home to remove traces of your previous life — before you’re armed and ready to clean every crevice in your new place. Here are 10 top-rated handhelds to try.

8. Stretch Wrap

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the concept of moving furniture from A to B, but its condition upon arrival is what you’re left with. Stretch wrap shields objects prone to dirt, dust, and stains. It also defends against material tears and chipped paint. When wrapped around dressers and desks, it holds drawers in place. Found on Amazon for less than $20 for 1,000 feet, it’s an investment you can wrap your head around.

9. Space-Saving Bags

We don’t blame you for needing some space during a move. Your linens, clothes, and comforters will benefit from it, too. Space-saving bags compress bulky items by removing unnecessary air. Beginning at roughly $15, they’ll capitalize on every inch of space.

10. Boxcutter

You’re ready to start tearing into boxes upon arrival. If only you had a way to do so without digging through that slew of them to locate a knife. For just a few bucks, a boxcutter will let you quickly open boxes — as well as break them down once you’re finished unpacking.

11. Foam Wrapping Sheets

 I’ll start collecting old newspapers, you said. It’ll be easy, you said. Next thing you know, you’re searching high and low for anything to protect your breakables with. Less than $10 will get you 50 cushioned sheets to shield and separate fragile items. That’s a wrap.

12. Corkscrew

One more, actually — to save the best for last. Does a corkscrew not belong somewhere convenient for the moment you kick your feet up? If a glass of wine is something you’ll crave after the physical and mental exhaustion of moving day, playing scavenger hunt in moving boxes is not the best way to get there. Not that we know from experience. Keep a corkscrew handy so you can unwind while enjoying the fruits of your moving labor. You did it!


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