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A lot of research goes into planning a move. But don’t sweat it—our experts have done the heavy lifting. From the first day of your house hunt until your last box is unpacked, we’re here with tips and tools to save you time, money and effort, every step of the way.

Keeping Your Kitchen Neat with Open Shelving

Open kitchen shelving is so “in” right now, and we understand why. It’s a great way to create a more organized, efficient cooking space…

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The Advantages of Using a Local Home Insurance Agent

First-time homeowners understandably get caught up in the excitement of buying their own place. So much so that there’s one little detail…

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Should I Move in with My Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Should you move in with your significant other? Wow. That’s a big question – and it doesn’t have a simple, yes-or-no answer.There are…

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How to Find a Realtor in 5 Simple Steps

So you’re ready to buy a home. Great! But how are you supposed to pick a real estate agent, when half the people you met at the last…

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How To Deep Clean Your New House Before You Move In

You’ve done the hard work of finding a new home. You’ve signed all of the paperwork, and now comes the exciting part: moving in. But not so fast. Before you make yourself at home, make sure to get all of the move-in cleaning done. And not just a cursory clean — a deep clean.  

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