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A lot of research goes into planning a move. But don’t sweat it—our experts have done the heavy lifting. From the first day of your house hunt until your last box is unpacked, we’re here with tips and tools to save you time, money and effort, every step of the way.

How do Taxes Change for First-Time Homeowners?

You've turned your key in the door and taken the first look around as a full-fledged homeowner. Congrats! One foot in the door, and you're... Read More

The 10 Best Places to Build a Forever Home

MYMOVE analysts recently published a list ranking 468 cities as the Best Places to Build a Forever Home. The rankings weighed factors such... Read More

11 Questions to Ask Before You Decide on a Roommate

You’ve used that college degree you just got to land a job in a new city. Which means you have to find a place to live. But after looking... Read More

12 Things You Need to Understand About Leases

Signing a lease without understanding it could leave you stuck in an apartment you don’t want or in court fighting with a landlord. While... Read More

15 Tips for Moving into Your First House

The apartment life—we know it well. Weekends by the pool. Your neighbors two buildings over who throw the best parties (no Uber necessary)... Read More

3 Things to Discuss with Your Children Before a Move

Moving, under any circumstances, is difficult. There’s too much to do, too much to pack, too much to load on the truck, too much to take... Read More

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