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DIRECTV Packages and Plans for Your New Home

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What you need to know about DIRECTV

DIRECTV is a leading provider of satellite TV and radio to more than 20 million subscribers across the country. Satellite television is broadcast directly to each customer via a satellite dish, unlike cable which is transmitted by fiber optic cable.  DIRECTV’s history dates back to American industrialist Howard Hughes, but today the company is owned by AT&T.

DIRECTV packages are competitively priced and include top-of-the-line equipment, making them a compelling option for anyone looking to add subscription television service to a new home. With more than 330 available channels available to customers nationwide, you won’t run out of things to watch with a DIRECTV subscription. Before you sign any contracts though, you owe it to yourself to know what you are getting into. Read on to learn everything there is to know about DIRECTV.

DIRECTV plans and prices

DIRECTV offers several different plans. DIRECTV channel packages vary by price and number of channels — that means you can decide how many channels you want to pay for and avoid paying for channels you don’t need.

Be aware that the following plans require a two-year contract, and prices may increase after the second year. Taxes are also not included in the prices below.

Package Name Starting Prices Number of Channels
Select $59.99/mo for 12 months 155+
Entertainment $64.99/mo for 12 months 160+
Choice $64.99/mo for 12 months 185+
Xtra $79.99/mo for 12 months 235+
Ultimate $84.99/mo for 12 months 250+
Premier $134.99/mo for 12 months 330+

*Prices as of 11/10/19

DIRECTV Features

DIRECTV service comes with many of the features you would expect — and some that might surprise you. Features make it easier to find what you want to watch, enjoy on your schedule, and never miss a show. Some features, like using a DVR recorder, might cost extra.

  • Genie HD DVR. Record hours of your favorite programs to watch and rewatch anytime.
  • DIRECTV App. Watch the big game or your favorite show using a portable device wherever you may be.
  • DIRECTV On Demand. Access thousands of movies and television shows at any time.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket. Follow every out-of-market live game every Sunday, and receive real-time scores and stats while you watch.

Make Sure to Check For These DIRECTV Deals

Savvy shoppers can score major savings on DIRECTV packages if they know where to look. There are typically a number of promotions and deals available at any given time. Here are some ways to save money on your DIRECTV subscription:

  • Bundle and save. If you combine AT&T internet service with DirecTV, you can receive a $100 Visa reward card.
  • Free premium channels. Ask about free premium channels when you make the switch to DIRECTV. Get 3 months of HBO®, CINEMAX®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® for free when you sign up.
  • Stick with them. The longer you stay with DirecTV the more discounts and promos you will be eligible for. The company is known for rewarding loyalty.

*Offers valid as of 11/10/19


As with any nationwide service provider, DirecTV has mixed reviews online. Read through some of the bad ones and some of the good ones before deciding for yourself.

DIRECTV has one-star reviews out of five from the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot. Consumer Affairs users give DIRECTV just under three stars, but the company is the second-highest rated cable or satellite TV provider on the site. Some common problems reported by customers include bad reception, unexpected charges, and malfunctioning equipment. Good reviews tout the wealth of channels, customer service, and picture quality.

Digging deeper: DIRECTV pros and cons

While DIRECTV definitely delivers when it comes to bringing sports, movies, and your favorite channels into your home, there are some drawbacks to consider. Many consumers avoid any company that requires contracts, especially if they move around a lot.  Furthermore, you may not be able to get DIRECTV if you are in an apartment building considering the service requires the installation of a satellite dish on the roof.

Before you sign up, consider the pros and cons and compare it with other television providers.

Advantages of using DIRECTV:

  • Large selection of channels.
  • 24-hour technical support.
  • Digital picture quality.
  • Professional installation.
  • DVR equipment for recording programs.

Disadvantages of using DIRECTV:

  • You are under contract and will be penalized if you need to break it.
  • No a la carte channel pricing.
  • The monthly rate increases in the second year. (You may be able to call and negotiate it lower.)
  • May be more expensive than cable or streaming.
  • Installation of satellite dish required to receive signal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels are included with DIRECTV?

The channels you receive depend on the package you select. DIRECTV carries all of the major cable and broadcast networks along with premium movie channels, sports, and international channels.

What DIRECTV packages are available?

DIRECTV currently offers six different packages that range from 155 to 330 channels. The Entertainment package is geared towards sports fans, while the Ultimate package is perfect for movie watchers.

How much does DIRECTV cost?

Packages range in cost from $59.99 a month to $134.99 a month. Prices typically increase after one year. Additional add-ons and features may add charges to your bill.

Does DIRECTV offer services in my area?

DIRECTV offers services nationwide and claims to be able to provide coverage to 100 percent of households in the United States.

Does DIRECTV offer a Spanish language service?

Yes! DIRECTV offers packages specifically tailored to Spanish-speaking households. DIRECTV offers other international options including packages focused on Japanese, French, and other languages.

What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is an add-on subscription that renews at the start of every NFL season. It gives you access to live out-of-market games every Sunday. If football isn’t your thing, DIRECTV offers out-of-market packages for other sports as well including: MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass and NHL Center Ice.

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