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6 Creative Ways to Use Window Seats

Elliott Kaufman/ Getty images

Window seats are a classy addition to any house. They’re common in Victorian homes, which is part of what makes them feel so classic. But they fit incredibly well into modern spaces, too. People from any era enjoy reading by the natural light of a window — or, in this day and age, possibly playing on a tablet computer.

If you’re thinking of installing a window seat, or if you have one you’re trying to dress up, there are many ways to creatively make use of it. Read on to discover some creative ways to work with window seating.


Combine window seats with a table

Elliott Kaufman/ Getty images

One of the easiest ways to get creative with window seating is to place it next to a table. This works well if you have a long, bench-like window seat. This idea turns your window seat into a cozy breakfast nook and gives your eating area a restaurant booth feel. And, naturally, putting the table by a window seat means a great view of the garden or yard as you eat or work.

Include window seats as part of a larger sitting area

Bedroom with window seat and view, Moosehead Lake Area, Greenville, Maine, USA.

Jon Lovette/ Getty Images

Another easy way to add functionality to a window seat is to incorporate it into a visiting area. The photo above shows how placing a small table and two chairs near the window seat makes it part of a whole sitting area.

This works well in smaller corners of the home, as it adds a feeling of privacy for whoever is chatting there. This also means that the space can be used as a reading or study area, since it’s separated from the hustle and bustle of busier areas.

Match the upholstery

Creative window seats aren’t all about the placement of furniture. You’ll also want to consider the upholstery choice of the window seat itself. In the photo above, the window seat upholstery matches other elements like chairs, the valance and even parts of the throw pillows. Even if you don’t have furniture right next to the window seat, this makes the window seat part of the overall design and feel of the space.

Work the window seat into display shelving

Symphonie/ Getty images

Another idea is to place the window seat between bookshelves. The sides of the shelves provide a steady base to lean up against, while the positioning of the seat allows for greater access to books. Storage drawers under the window seat can also be a productive use of the space.

You don’t have to stick with bookshelves, however. You can also put dressers or short cabinets on either side of the window seat. The important thing is to use the same element on each side of the window seat to create a sense of balance in the design.

Include an electronics area

Aleksandra Zlatkovic/ Getty Images

We now live in an era of e-books and tablet computers; not everyone adheres to that traditional image of reading books beside the window. With that in mind, some window seats have a designated area for devices. In the photo above, a small side shelf holds a tablet computer and a phone.

These device areas also work perfectly as charging stations. Simply install outlets behind the shelf and leave a small hole for charging cables.

Window seats don’t have to be inside

You can also try getting creative with window seats by breaking the rules. For instance, a simple sliding window can open a window seat to the outdoors, as the photo above shows. In addition, window seats can work with a children’s play area by opening up into an outdoor play area — all while giving you a comfortable space to sit and supervise.

Do you have a window seat in your home that needs some sprucing up? Did you find any inspiration from this list? We’d love to hear about it below!

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