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Best Windowboxes of 2021

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: Floral window box planter at window with shutters in the Beacon Hill historic district of Boston, Massachusetts, United States. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)
Tim Graham/ Getty Images
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS:  Floral window box planter at window with shutters in the Beacon Hill historic district of Boston, Massachusetts, United States.  (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Tim Graham/ Getty Images

Adding seasonal flowers to your windowsill is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. Windowboxes make it possible to extend your outdoor space and grow beautiful herb and flower gardens. These space-effective planters are a great way to bring life to any home and add character to the facade of your house. 

With a larger selection of windowboxes on the market than ever before, it’s possible to achieve your window garden goals regardless of your budget or gardening experience. To help you make the right choice, we’ve researched the best windowboxes of 2021 based on price, features, durability, visual appeal, eco-friendliness and user reviews. 

Best windowboxes for your outdoor gardening 

Flower boxes have traditionally been made of wood, but today there’s a much larger selection of materials from which to choose. In addition to classic wood, you can also find windowboxes made of plastic, metal, ceramic, resin, vinyl and stone. Here are the top 10 windowboxes available based on our research. All prices are valid as of April 24, 2020.

1. Nantucket Window Box by Mayne $67.99

This Amazon favorite is a large and durable option. It’s weather-proof for year-round use and holds just over 3.5 gallons of soil, allowing you plenty of space to design the flower boxes of your dreams. It comes with everything required for installation and should be mounted using the included brackets. Mayne’s attractive molded polyethylene planters come in three colors: clay, white and black.

2. 39” Self-Watering Window Box by Gardener’s $39.95

Once assembled, this self-watering window box requires minimal effort from a plant care perspective. It comes fully equipped with everything needed to make sure your plants never dry out in the sun. The water-level indicator tells you when it needs refilling, and many buyers say they only need to water their plants once a week, depending on the plant. This well-reviewed planter comes with detailed assembly and plant care instructions. Made of frost-resistant plastic, it is a reliable and cost-effective choice if you want to place your planter on a rail or below a window.

3. Forge Wall Trough with Coco Liner by Gardman $49

This classic steel wall trough comes with eco-friendly coconut fiber liners that are excellent at achieving even drainage across the entire planter. The steel design is sleek and rust-proof, allowing for many years of use. Based on the reviews, this 30-inch trough is a popular choice for a classic windowbox look, but this planter does come in six other sizes made from the same materials, including one you can hang from a porch.  

4. 16-Inch Window Box Planter by Taber Tools $14.99

Our most cost-effective and low-commitment choice comes in 11 colors, ranging from dark red to pastel blue. It holds two gallons of soil and is easy to maintain thanks to the pre-drilled drainage holes. It also comes with an attached drainage tray to protect your siding or balcony from unsightly water stains. It’s lightweight, sturdy and affordable, making it a favorite option for first-time windowbox gardeners.

5. Metal Window Box Planter by Erentraud $42

This antique copper finished planter is made of weather-resistant metal and couldn’t be easier to install. It’s simple to hang on any railing, balcony, or porch and creates a beautifully modern look when filled with flowers. You’ll want to note that it does not come with drainage holes, however, reviewers say they can be easily drilled into the bottom. It’s important to make sure plants can properly drain to keep them healthy and prevent root rot caused by water sitting in the bottom of the planter. 

6. Self-Watering Plastic Window Box Planter by Balconera $59

A slightly more expensive and modern self-watering option, this polypropylene planter by Balconera has clean lines and rave reviews. It’s well-suited for growing colorful annuals or green foliage and comes with an extra insert that helps to aerate the soil. The only complaint we saw from reviewers is that brackets and straps for hanging are not included and need to be ordered separately. 

7. Stringfellow All Weather Resin Window Box Planter by August Grove $57.74

This beautifully woven planter comes in four neutral colors: antique brown, hunter green, white and black. Everything needed for assembly is included, including coco liners to help with drainage. Many reviewers say their resin planters have held up and continued to look like new year after year, making them well worth the investment. As a bonus, the brackets have keyholes that make these units easy to take down for cleaning or re-potting even after they are hung.  

8. Letson Adjustable Self Watering Railing Planter by Winston Porter $36.99

These easy-to-install planters are adjustable and can hang almost anywhere thanks to a built-in mechanism that locks them securely in place. No tools, hardware or assembly is required. Even better, it’s another self-watering planter that comes equipped with drainage holes and a soil tray. This is a great option for a durable, ready-to-plant windowbox. It also comes in five lovely colors, including our favorite: classic terracotta. 

9. French Window Box Cages by Hooks and Lattice $119.85

These gorgeous and sturdy windowbox planters are a somewhat pricey but elegant choice for any home or balcony. Crafted out of wrought iron and built to accommodate standard liners or terracotta pots, they look great beneath any window or on a deck rail. 

10. Raised Panel Cedar Window Box w/ Liner Option by Hooks & Lattice $87.85

If a simple but well-crafted wooden windowbox is what you’re after, this cedar planter by Hooks & Lattice is made for you. It comes in many sizes ranging from 24 to 72 inches to accommodate your specific space. You can also order a custom length. This planter does require some assembly and should also be ordered with the add-on PVC liners to keep the cedar in good condition

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of windowboxes are best?

The best windowbox for you depends on your budget, ability to assemble and maintain it and the plants within. Fortunately, there’s a windowbox option for everyone. Look into materials that match your style and the effort required to maintain them. There are lots of windowboxes ranging from extremely durable, out-of-the-box options to others requiring some assembly and more maintenance. 

What flowers work best in windowboxes?

The flowers you choose depend on the positioning of your windowbox and how much sunlight it receives. That said, petunias, begonias and geraniums are popular choices for windowbox flowers, and filler plants like ivy, heather and salvia can create a fuller appearance.   

Do windowboxes damage a house?

Damage to your property or the plants themselves can happen if a planter is not installed or drained correctly. It’s important to follow installation instructions carefully, do your research and, if needed, call in a professional. 

How often do windowboxes need to be replaced? 

Windowboxes made from durable or rust-proof materials can be kept up and enjoyed year-round. It’s important to investigate the materials used, though, to ensure a long life. Rust-proof metal, fiberglass and rot-resistant woods like cedar and redwood are good choices for durability.

Are windowboxes a good option for beginner gardeners? 

The great thing about windowbox planters is that you can choose flowers or greenery that suit your gardening experience. It’s also easy to replace the plants in a windowbox and start over again with relatively little effort. Windowbox and container gardeng is great for renters, too.

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