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Best Andersen Replacement Windows of 2021

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The Andersen Windows and Doors Corporation was incorporated slightly over a century ago. Over the years, the company has redefined industrial trends and practices, working its way to the top as America’s premier window manufacturer.

For homeowners looking to replace their windows, Andersen offers an array of products to choose from. Before settling on one for your home, there are several factors to consider, such as the state of your home’s existing window frames. Most Andersen replacement windows are full-frame or insert windows. If your original frames are intact, you can go for the insert windows option. The full-frame option is ideal if your existing frame is rotted or deteriorated.

In this guide, we discuss the best Andersen replacement windows, reviewing their features, prices, and warranty information to help you choose the best option for your needs.

What Makes the Best Andersen Replacement Windows?

Replacing old windows with modern, energy-efficient models can pay off financially and aesthetically. Here are some of the primary factors to consider when comparing Andersen replacement window options:


Andersen Replacement Windows are priced by frame. Full-frame replacement windows are more expensive compared to insert windows, which are inserted into existing window frames.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews offer firsthand information on the efficiency of a specific window and its performance over time. This information enables you to make an educated decision on the ideal window for your living space.

Customer support

Any reputable window manufacturing company will take time to guide you through the different makes of their windows so that you can make an informed decision. They should also have favorable warranty options on all their products.

Advanced features and design

Consider the frame of the specific window you want to buy. While window frames influence their thermal characteristics, they also determine factors such as durability and weight. Wood frames offer superior aesthetic value but require extra maintenance during their lifetime. Aluminum window frames are strong, light, and inexpensive compared to wooden frames. Vinyl window frames are ideal if you want a low-maintenance option, while fiberglass composite frames are excellent in extreme weather conditions.

With respect to design, you can choose from double-hung or single-hung windows. Single-hung windows feature a stationary top sash, while double-hung windows allow you to move both sashes up and down. You can also opt for a casement design, which is hinged like a door and usually opens from the side. Other options include sliding, arched, rotating, and bow designs.

Industry awards and certifications

Excellent manufacturers are often recognized with industrial awards, such as the Energy Star Awards. In 2019, Andersen Windows and Doors won the “Energy Star Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award” for their commitment to making energy-efficient products.

Best Andersen Replacement Windows

Andersen has five recommended window replacement models on the market. Most of the company’s replacement windows can easily be integrated into your smart home system, featuring locked/unlocked and open/close sensors. Before we review the top five models, let’s discuss the Andersen glass performance options for all replacement window models.

Andersen Glass Performance Options

Andersen replacement windows feature five glass performance options, each designed for different conditions.

  • Low-E4 Glass: The Low-E4 option reflects heat in the summer and retains heat during the winter, allowing you to save on heating and cooling costs.
  • SmartSun Glass: SmartSun glass boasts all of the efficiency advantages of the Low-E4 option, plus UV ray protection.
  • SunGlass: SunGlass offers excellent thermal performance and a subtle tint that blocks extreme heat from the sun. This option is ideal for southern climates.
  • PassiveSun Glass: PassiveSun allows more heat into your home, ideal for northern climates.
  • Triple-Pane Glass: This option features an extra pane of glass that keeps the cold out and the heat in. It’s ideal for colder climates.

Andersen adds a HeatLock coating on all of its glass options to keep your home warmer.

Woodwright Double-Hung Windows

Woodwright Double-Hung Windows are designed to offer classic character to modern homes.

Key features

These window frames are made of wood protected with a Fibrex composite exterior to resist all weather elements. You can choose from four available shapes: rectangular double-hung, arch double-hung, springline single-hung, and unequal leg arch double-hung. These windows also come in different colors to match your aesthetic. They come in white, black, dark bronze, and pine on the interior and terratone, sandtone, canvas, white, dark bronze, black, and white on the exterior.

For all of these windows, you can choose from a full-frame or insert option.

  • Insert windows: If your old frames and trims are in top shape, you can minimize disruptions and save time by choosing insert windows. These windows are designed to fit perfectly into your existing frames, preserving the original look of your window. They are available in custom sizes.
  • Full-frame windows: Full-frame windows are ideal if your frame has weathered over time. They are a bit more expensive compared to insert windows and are available in standard and custom sizes.

Glass options for these windows include PassiveSun, Low E-4, and SunGlass.

Insect screen

For Woodwright Double-Hung Windows, you can choose from a conventional insect screen or a TruScene Insect Screen. A conventional insect screen is a budget option, which keeps the insects out but isn’t excellent on clarity. The TruScene option offers up to 50% better clarity compared to the conventional insect screen.

400 Series Double-Hung Windows

400 Series Double-Hung Windows are among the most popular replacement windows at Andersen. They’re energy-efficient and offer a variety of performance and decorative options. You can choose between insert and full-frame options.

Key features

400 Series Double-Hung Windows features two sashes that move up and down, allowing better ventilation. The sash is easy to clean from the house and is comprised of wood coated with vinyl. It’s available in standard and custom sizes. Standard sizes are 3’10 1/8″ in width and 7’8 7/8″ in height.400 Series windows offer SmartSun, SmartSun with HeatLock Coating, Low-E4, Low-E4 with HeatLock Coating, PassiveSun, and Sunglass options.

Insect Screens

400 Series Double-Hung Windows offer conventional and TruScene insect screens. The conventional insect screen keeps insects out but is outdone on clarity by the TruScene insect screen, which offers up to 50% better clarity.

400 Series Casement Window

400 Series Casement Windows blend top-notch craftsmanship with cutting-edge engineering. They come with an array of features and accessories to create a custom look.

Key features

400 Casement Windows feature a low maintenance vinyl exterior that protects against mold and water damage. They come in standard and custom sizes. Standard sizes are 3′ in width and 6′ in height. You can choose from white, black, dark bronze, or pine on the interior and terratone, sandtone, canvas, white, dark bronze, black, or white on the exterior.

These windows feature SmartSun, SmartSun with HeatLock Coating, Low-E4, Low-E4 with HeatLock Coating, PassiveSun, and SunGlass performance options.

Insect screens

400 Series Casement Windows feature conventional and TruScene insect screens. The cheaper conventional insect screen is made of charcoal powder-coated aluminum, which does an excellent job of keeping out insects but sacrifices some clarity. The TruScene option offers up to 50% more clarity than the conventional option.

Narroline Double-Hung Window

Narroline Double-Hung Windows feature conversion kits that are designed to fit existing Narroline windows manufactured from 1968 onwards. They are easy to clean and feature high-performance Low-E4 glass. There is also minimal disruption during replacement as the existing frame and trim are not affected.

Key features

The Narroline windows conversion kit Low-E4 glass is 45% more energy-efficient than regular dual-pane glass in the winter and up to 56% more efficient in the summer. They also feature an exclusive compressible jamb liner that separates the sash and the frame.

100 Series Replacement Windows

100 Series Replacement Windows are considered a smart alternative to vinyl. They are made from Fibrex composite material that is two times stronger than vinyl.

Key features

100 Series Replacement Windows are low maintenance, energy-efficient, and available in an array of rich colors. They also feature a finish that is 12 times thicker than painted vinyl window frames, which results in better scratch resistance. The series is available as an insert window.

E-Series Replacement Windows

E-Series Replacement Windows offer unlimited design options, so you can create a custom look and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Key features

E-Series Replacement Windows feature an aluminum exterior that offers durability and strength. The wooden interiors offer 50 color options to complement virtually any aesthetic.

They are available in standard and custom sizes. The standard sizes are 4′ in width and 7.6′ in height.

Insect screens

You can choose from Double-Hung insect screens or TruScene insect screens. The Double-Hung option is made of charcoal fiberglass and fitted into an aluminum frame, which offers seven anodized finishes and 50 exterior colors to choose from. The TruScene insect screen offers up to 50% better clarity than conventional insect screens. It’s available in wood veneered or aluminum.

Pricing and Warranty Information

The Andersen 100 Series Casement Window is priced at $298 and $370 including installation cost. The 400 Series Casement Window is priced at $398 and $525 including installation cost. The E-Series is the most expensive starting at $800 and going up to $2,500 including installation. Andersen offers a 20-year warranty on glass and non-glass parts. The warranty is transferable, which means it offers full benefits from one owner to the next. Andersen’s transferable warranty is among the best in the industry, increasing the resale value of your home.

Andersen Replacement Windows Reviews

Reviews give you an unbiased assessment of specific models and how they compare to others so you can make an informed decision. When searching through reviews, focus on factors like durability, energy efficiency, and price compared to competitors.