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10 Modern Barn Door Ideas That Make a Bold Statement

sliding barn door

denisik11/ Getty Images

Barn doors traditionally have been reserved for rustic or country-style decor. But the latest barn door hardware has greatly improved in design aesthetic, function and affordability. A sliding barn door is now a decidedly modern option.Given these enhancements, as well as the variety of hardware available to complement nearly any home decor, barn doors are a stylish and accessible design feature when you need a door that makes a grand statement.If you’re considering the use of barn doors in your home, think outside the box. They’re a beautiful and practical alternative to a room divider or curtain when you need to create privacy or divide open spaces. A barn door is also useful where there is plenty of wall space but a swinging door could affect the flow of the room.We’ve rounded up some modern barn door ideas for a little inspiration. Here are 10 ways you can use them to freshen up a space.

1. Rustic Barn Doors

barn door

TriggerPhoto/ Getty Images

Take rustic wood and create barn doors with a nod to their origins. The look is most effective in minimalist, contemporary spaces where the color white and concrete materials dominate. Rustic barn doors add texture and warm up the space, as in the art studio above.

2. Chalkboard Barn Doors

Add function and a bit of whimsy to your barn door by painting the surface with chalkboard paint. The multitasking door will hide what’s behind it beautifully while serving as a communications center.

3. Colorful Barn Doors

Deposit sliding door against pine green wall

bentaboe/ Getty Images

To give barn doors a modern look, consider painting them in a bright, bold color. Go with high-sheen paints or lacquers that add gloss and richness to the color you choose. Try orange, lime green, turquoise or bright red.

4. Contemporary Barn Doors

Modern home interior with View of upstairs laundry room and hardwood floors and barndoor style door.

David Papazian/ Getty Images

Bring your barn doors into the 21st century by selecting materials with a luxe, contemporary edge. The mirrored black surface of this barn door is the opposite of what comes to mind when most people think about barn doors.

5. Barn Doors as Art

A door does not have to be purely utilitarian. Why not mount barn doors that have an artistic quality to them? They will hide or divide what you need them to, in a beautiful, wall-art sort of way.

6. Recycled Barn Doors

Glass sliding doors of converted barn home

Mint Images/ Getty Images

Get creative with the materials for your barn doors. The chic one above may look like it cost a pretty penny, but it’s actually a salvaged old door. New hardware and a fresh coat of stain brought it back to life.

7. Repurposed Mirror Barn Doors

This homeowner went with the multifunctional aspect of a barn door by using a large mirror as the door itself. Mirrors have several advantages: They can reflect light and good views, serve as part of the dressing process and hide whatever is behind them.

8. Modern Classic Barn Doors

contemporary barn door

TriggerPhoto/ Getty Images

For those who love the cross wood and paneling effect of classic barn doors, mount a pair and simply update them by painting them a modern yet classic color such as gray, white or black. The effect is understated but elegant.

9. Alcove or Cabinet Barn Doors

Modern living room interior with green house plants and a green sliding Barn Door. Retro modern design light

cerro_photography/ Getty Images

Give a pre-fab home a custom look by adding barn doors to hide an alcove, media wall or built-in shelving. Select barn door materials that update the wall; some good examples are acrylic, glass, mirror or exotic wood.

10. Frosted Glass Barn Doors

3D Rendering, computer graohics, architecture,empty room with glass door

Westend61/ Getty Images

If the section that you’re considering mounting a barn door to has a special feature — such as a bright, sunny area on the other side — or you simply want to divide the area without blocking it off with something large and heavy-looking, frosted glass may be the perfect solution for your barn doors. The frost effect conceals what’s on the other side just enough while letting light in, and the overall effect is open and airy.Inspired by these barn door ideas? Pick up barn door hardware online or at your local home improvement center and get creative when deciding what to use as aoor in your space.

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