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14 Hanukkah Decorations To Get Your Home Ready for the Holiday

Kids lighting Hanukkah Menorah and celebrating the holiday
FamVeld / Shutterstock

Choosing Hanukkah decorations can be one of the most fun parts of anticipating and celebrating the season. You can get into the spirit of Hanukkah and the fun, family-filled traditions by adding a few Hanukkah-themed touches to your home. You can even get children and loved ones involved by doing some arts and crafts to give everything a personalized touch.

Hanukkah decorations you’ll love this holiday season

Traditional menorah heirlooms

Don’t pass over a classic decoration — from silver family heirlooms to a beautiful, hand-carved menorah. Your family traditions can’t be complete without items that were passed down to you. If you opt for more modern or homemade decorations, too, let the blue-and-white plates or vases have the place of honor in your table centerpiece.

Modern menorahs for contemporary looks

There are many options when it comes to a menorah. You can go the traditional route, or you can opt for a more modern interpretation. Your menorahs can be chosen to fit with the style of your home since they all cast a lovely light!

Menorah with dreidels and lit candles
Rick Gayle Studio / Getty Images

Hanukkah lights

With candles and light being so important to this tradition, why not pick up some blue, silver, or white lights and decorate windows, mantelpieces, or the center of your table? These lights add a cheery glow during time with family, and there are many options for displaying them both indoors and outdoors. For a more traditional display of lights, place your menorah somewhere it’s visible to the outside, like a window or your doorstep.

Hanukkah-themed lawn inflatables

Does your neighborhood go all out with the lawn decorations? An inflatable menorah can add cheer to the winter nights while celebrating a season of gratitude and memory. Outdoor Hanukkah decorations can share with your whole community the excitement of this season, and many families enjoy touring through a neighborhood to see lights and inflatable displays.

DIY menorahs for your little ones

Nothing melts hearts quite as much as homemade decor made by little hands. As children learn about the traditions and stories of Hanukkah, let them make their own decorations with DIY menorah kits. You can also make paper plate menorahs, edible menorahs, dreidel wall art, and blue and white cloth runners with your children.

Hanukkah-inspired kitchen items

One of the best parts of celebrating Hanukkah is eating fried foods, like latkes and jelly donuts. From your Hanukkah-themed dish towels to the special tray you use to display your favorite seasonal treats, bring out a few special items to make the kitchen feel especially Hanukkah themed, especially since everyone always seems to end up back in the kitchen for seconds at family gatherings!

Kitchen decorated with hanukkah plates and other items
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Garlands for the mantle or staircase

For a simple addition that really adds a theme to the room, pick up a garland of colored globes, or make a garland of Hanukkah-themed items. Whether you weave it around a banister or drape it across the mantle, a touch of white and blue will bring out the spirit of the holidays. Garlands are also good craft options. Gather paper shapes related to Hanukkah and string them onto a sturdy ribbon in white, silver, or blue.

A dreidel-themed table runner

There are so many cute fabrics with themes on them, and if your gathering will feature a separate kids’ table, why not get some dreidel-patterned fabric and make a quick table runner? A more sedate pattern could also work for a grown-up table runner, or a simple blue or white that accents the rest of your decorations.

Blue and white cloth napkins

Cloth napkins add an extra touch of special-occasion feel, so choose some that have a Hanukkah look that matches the rest of your look. You can even fold them to look like dreidels! Any touches of color and design on the table make the meal feel more like it is part of a holiday celebration.

Chocolate gelt in blue bowls or packages

Nothing draws the eye like gold-wrapped chocolate, so find ways to feature gelt, foil-covered chocolate coins, in your decorating. They’ll be a sweet treat for later and you get the shiny look for now! This is an especially good option for Hanukkah celebrations with children.

Close up of Hanukkah gelt displayed on decorated tables
Natalia Wimberley / Shutterstock

Hanukkah banner

A simple flag or banner welcoming your guests or making a blank wall more festive adds so much to a room with very little effort. If you want to DIY, you can enlist the help of children and family to make a fun at-home craft with festive results!

A Hanukkah tree to combine traditions

Whether your family shares multiple faith traditions or you just like the beauty of bringing a little nature indoors, try one of the simple traditions for making or buying a Hanukkah tree.  Though it’s not traditional for the holiday, a tree is a great way to display small ornaments and lights (even if you opt for something less like a Christmas tree). There are even ways to use just a branch or bough to create a minimalist version of a Hanukkah tree.

Hanukkah pillows or colored blankets

Hanukkah comes at a time of year when we all like to cozy up in our homes. If you’ll be pulling out blankets and throw pillows aplenty anyway, make a few themed to the occasion! From funny puns to stately blue and silver throws, you can decorate your living room to match the colors of the season.

Artful present displays

With eight nights of presents on the schedule, why not use the presents themselves as decor? You can display the elegantly wrapped gifts on a shelf or on the mantle above the fireplace. When you use pretty paper and bows, the presents themselves can make your space cheerful and bright.

Hanukkah gift wrapped and displayed
Denis Chernousov / Shutterstock

The bottom line

You can choose whether to go really big with Hanukkah decorations this year, filling your yard and home with menorahs and dreidels, or you can opt for a minimalist look, with just a few touches of blue, white, and silver. Either way, you can enjoy the beauty of the Hanukkah season at home, and through your family traditions, you can remember the past and hold out hope for the future. Happy Hanukkah to you and yours!

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