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16 Stunning Wallpaper Ideas Your Home Needs

chopped tree wallpaper Shutterstock

There’s no denying the wow-factor of a great wallpaper. From nature to geometrics, wild and fun wallpaper ideas are a great way to jazz up a room without adding unnecessary decor and clutter. Modern wallpaper isn’t defined by the florals and stripes we remember from our grandparent’s homes. Today’s possibilities are endless and easily accessible. If you’re easing into wallpaper, don’t feel like you have to cover an entire room. Start with a small, less-trafficked room, such as a powder room or guest bedroom. In larger spaces, choose an accent wall to decorate and paint the rest. Hallways, entryways, mudrooms, even laundry rooms make other great candidates for testing a bold wallpaper — you usually aren’t hanging out in them for hours on end. Sure, the installation might be a bit of a hassle. Take the time to do your research on how to install properly, or spend a bit to have a professional do it or you. Either way, it will be worth it when you swap paint for a bold print and see your room decorate itself.

Looking for inspiration to make your walls stand out? Here are our favorite wallpaper ideas:

Blue wallpaper SHutterstock

Green leave wallpaper

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black wallpaper with geometric shape

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Flower wallpaper Shutterstock

black polk-a-dot wallpaper Shutterstock

diagonal grey and white wallpaper living room

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chopped tree wallpaper Shutterstock

grey wallpaper

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purple faded landscape wallpaper Shutterstock

white and grey wallpaper

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striped wallpaper

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flower dark wallpaper Shutterstock

forest wallpaper Shutterstock

green jungle leaf wallpaper Shutterstock

chevron wallpaper Shutterstock