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Design Style: Mediterranean Inspired Home Ideas

If you are drawn to old world home interiors that feature warm textures, and blue decorative accents that remind you of the sea and sky, you will probably be drawn to Mediterranean interiors. Also termed, “Spanish modern”, this style is indicative of a style that can be extremely formal or it can rustic and casual. The beauty of this design style is it transforms your home into one that could fit into any Mediterranean country: Italy, Greece or even Spain. If you love terra cotta Spanish tiles on your roof and clay fired ceramic tiles throughout your home, here are some tips for bringing more Mediterranean inspired interiors to life in your home.


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    • Colors that mimic nature: One of the draws to Mediterranean culture, vacationing, and architecture are the beautiful colors that stem from nature. The evidence is in the native clothing, textiles, and interiors, and the appeal to bring it into your home is obvious! From the deep blues of the sky and ocean, to the deep terra cotta warm tones of the Earthenware and walls of traditional homes. Even glimpses of lavender, yellow, and hues of deep rusts to creamy tan and beige mimic nature. Try painting your walls, planter pots outside, or your furniture in these Mediterranean inspired colors.


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    • Natural finishes with rustic appeal: Whether you have the exposed wooden beams overhead in your ceiling, or you choose to tile your entryway and courtyard area of your home. Mediterranean interiors are infamous for having expansive areas of mosaic tile, quarry and other rustic yet modern finishes in their detailing. In modern day, you can see many floor tile manufacturers have mimicked the traditional style tile flooring by offering varying shades or hues of color in the same line to give that ‘old world’ aesthetic. This appeal is well sought after, and the more random and natural you leave your finishes, the more authentic Mediterranean style you will create in your space. Bring these tile ideas into your mirrors, tabletops, outdoor furniture, and bathrooms for a look that is “old world” all the way. From the interiors to your exterior, Mediterranean design style efforts  can be felt from your doorstep, all the way into your home.


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    • Texture and patterns: Traditional Mediterranean homes utilize the use of texture and pattern visually and physically. From ornate patterns in textiles, to intricate scrolling and inlaid forms in furniture adorned with ornamentation. Texture is also experienced through wall, and ceiling applications. From stucco to plaster, many of these faux techniques can be duplicated in your home. Visit your local home improvement store and see what faux finishing painting classes are available. Many paint manufacturers have faux painting kits that use glazes, and topcoats to bring Mediterranean textured walls into your guest bathroom, entry foyer or master bedroom.


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    • Embracing the outdoors and entertaining: Sharing nature and camaraderie amongst family and friends are synonymous with Mediterranean culture. They embrace entertaining and love for their homes to be comfortable for all who are invited. To recreate Mediterranean outdoor spaces, ensure comfortable and plentiful seating. Wrought iron and ornamental metals are traditional, but modern Mediterranean use many of same metals but with more streamlining in the form of the furniture. Whichever is your style, open up your interiors to the outdoors and blur the lines between indoors and out. Bring in beautiful plants, and a pool, and your outdoors will mimic the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Who wouldn’t want to create a Mediterranean oasis in their homes? With the subtle cues from a relaxing old world villa to an elaborate Italian getaway spot that you vacationed years ago, ‘Spanish Modern’ is a look that everyone loves. Use these tips to transport your home to the Mediterranean in just a few simple decorative moves. With some do it yourself faux painting techniques and beautifully painted walls with bounds of color. You will be amazed how the Mediterranean design style transcends time into your home.

Freshome readers do you have ?Mediterranean design style in your home? What tips would you add to our list?

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