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5 Ways to Make Clever Holiday Wall Decorations

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When decorating your home for the holidays, key items to keep in mind are the holiday wall decorations. These work as strong focal points that set the seasonal design tone and help bring the whole room together. Alternatively, they can also work as small accents that add to the overall design scheme.

There are many different holiday wall decorations for sale. However, getting crafty and creative can help you make a memorable, personalized holiday season. Below are some crafty ideas for how to get homemade holiday wall decorations that will be sure to start some conversations this season.

Natasha Breen / Getty Images

Using a chalkboard wall

If you have a chalkboard wall in your home, that is a ripe area for holiday wall decorations. The photo above shows some Christmas-themed drawings on a chalkboard wall. The added seasonal lights and the wreath complete the look. As the photo shows, you can add your favorite seasonal sayings, draw trees and make a Christmas countdown. You can get as creative as you want with this idea.

If you don’t have a chalkboard wall, you can achieve a similar look by hanging a large classic black chalkboard on a wall. Then add items like small wreaths and ornaments, along with Christmas-themed drawings and sayings. A traditional blackboard would be a great addition to a country, rustic or classic home style, too.

Anastasiia Krivenok / Getty Images

Rustic texture holiday wall decorations

The neat idea in the photo above makes the most of some simple tree branches. It’s great for rustic or country Christmas styles. You can easily make a triangular frame with long, thin sticks. Then use wood glue to glue the branches into the tree shape. You could also drill small holes in the sticks and hang them together using twine.

A display like this is also a great idea for using seasonal lights and small ornaments. A present under the tree and surrounding seasonal items round out the festive look. The oversized ornaments surrounding the stick tree are a wonderfully whimsical touch.

With love of photography / Getty Images

Making the most of mirrors

Another easy idea for holiday wall decorations is to angle mirrors so that they capture seasonal lights and colors. An example is the mirror in the photo above behind the Christmas tree. Because of the way it is placed, it actually captures the lights and colors from the Christmas tree itself. It’s basically a very creative cheat to make it look like the mirror is its own wall decoration, but it’s actually taking the colors from another element in the room.  This is a good way to spread the seasonal colors about the room for easy design cohesion. Mirrors also really open up small spaces.

If you look closely, you can also see that the mirror has the decal word Christmas written on it. This is a good idea if guests are not facing the exact direction to reflect the tree. That way, the mirror still has a seasonal look, rather than looking out of place.

Natural bird display

The idea in the photo above is a great option if you are designing a Christmas theme with a natural look or want an upscale seasonal home design. What makes this design so original is how the bird sits atop seasonal greenery and feathers. It makes it look like the seasonal greenery is part of the bird’s plumage. Crystal embellishments add a gorgeous sparkle.

Also, putting the bird on a shelf in front of the classy dividers gives the whole display a cohesive look that makes it one distinct element in the room. The dividers in the back frame the bird, making it a strong focal point against the wall, even if it’s not a traditional wall hanging.

amriphoto / Getty Images

Seasonal word decals

Another idea for holiday wall decorations is to find some seasonal decal words and put them on the wall. The words in the photo above give off a cultured feel. You can get black ones  which would fit with the most modern of Christmas decorations, or you can go for a more traditional red or green display. It’s a great option if you want to personalize your space, but you don’t have the time to get extremely crafty.

A neat way to completely personalize this idea is a custom wall quote decal from Etsy. You can have the maker form any quote you’d like, making it a great way to create your own wall hanging without as much effort as the other ideas.

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