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Decorating with Mustard Yellow for a Mid-century Holiday Season

Mid century modern living room and kitchen with mustard yellow accents
P_Art / Shutterstock

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Want to add an unexpected color to your modern decor? Decorating with mustard yellow may be the answer. The warm, golden tone is a perfect addition to your everyday neutrals like whites, tans and greys. Also known as golden yellow, saffron and maize, the warm, rich hue of yellow adds a fresh pop to your home, especially during the holidays. Check out these ideas and mustard yellow home decor in stores now.

Decorating with mustard yellow in the kitchen and dining room

Mustard yellow pendant lights

Helena Thorman / EyeEm / Getty Images

Include mustard yellow accents include the glass pendant lights.

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Kitchen with mustard yellow accents

Bulgac / Getty Images

Mustard yellow accents warm up the cool tones of the space.

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Decorating with mustard yellow in the living room

Gray and white living room with mustard yellow accents / Shutterstock

Throw pillows, a framed print and a vase in the window add a touch of golden yellow to warm up the grey and white living room.

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Black and white living room with yellow accents in the pillows and chair / Shutterstock

An elegant space of blackened white gets small touches of mustard yellow. Image: Elle Decor Italia

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Add the golden mustard color in your bedroom

Modern industrial bedroom with yellow quilt on bed

Yuliya Yesina / Shutterstock

Add a quilted mustard yellow blanket to your bedding layers.

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Bedroom with gray, taupe, and yellow colors

AliceCam / Shutterstock

Mustard looks most contemporary with cooler tones like taupe, mocha, grey and white.

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Holiday decorating with mustard yellow

Christmas tree next to dining table with mustard yellow accents

Anjelika Gretskaia / Getty Images

Warm and brighten up the holiday table with pops of vibrant mustard yellow.

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Where will you add some mustard yellow to your home for the holidays?

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