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How I Installed SimpliSafe In My Apartment – Reader Story

Did you update your bathroom? Revamp your kitchen? Install new flooring? We would love to share your project, big or small! Send us what you did and our editorial team will consider it for our “My Fresh Home” series, which will be published every Thursday. Check out our submission instructions at the bottom of the page.Today we want to share a story from Freshome reader Paige, who installed SimpliSafe in her apartment after a break in:

A few months ago, I got a great job opportunity that required me to move several states away from my family and friends. It certainly wasn’t easy, but it was an opportunity to move to a great city, and I’m not afraid of being alone. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?Thanks to my amazing luck, and a splash of irony, I soon found out an answer to that question. Someone broke into my apartment. Don’t worry. I called the police and got everything squared away, and my dad jumped on the next flight out to help me out. 

Choosing SimpliSafe

The day after it happened, I went to work while my dad installed chain locks on the front and back doors of my apartment. I took some time during lunch to research what kind of system would work for me. Even before I moved, I knew that I wanted a security system, but I dreaded having to do the research, and I honestly didn’t expect someone would break into my place less than two weeks after I moved in.I came across a survey on that would match me with the best system for my needs. I’m a renter, in a one-bedroom apartment, and I wanted to install it myself. It recommended SimpliSafe, which, looking back, was the best decision for me.


You can order a SimpliSafe system online, but I wanted to get it put together before my dad had to go back to work, so we picked it up at BestBuy that evening. The kit I bought came with a keypad and “brain” (I don’t remember exactly what it’s called but it’s the piece that communicates with all of the sensors/keypad), a motion sensor, four door/window sensors, two window stickers and a lawn sign.

Set Up

The set up guide was extremely user-friendly, and anyone who’s confident in their ability to use command strips can put up the sensors. You also have the option to install them with screws, but because I’m a renter, I decided to stick (ha, get it?) with the adhesive strips.

The window/door sensors are magnetic, so you can install them at an angle, which was great for my outward-swinging back door.The system can function without a contract or subscription of any kind, but if you’re interested in having 24/7 monitoring and having automatic police dispatch in case of an emergency (I was), there’s two different plans you can sign up for. I went with the premium plan because there’s so much more that I can monitor remotely through my phone, which is important to me because I travel. One of the things I really like about this system is that connecting sensors is a breeze, and it can be completely customized to your space and security needs. Through the keypad you can recognize, name, and activate/deactivate devices whenever you want. Also, you can shop on simplisafe for additional devices, such as cameras, window-shatter detectors, key-fobs, and more. 

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