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20 Ways to Plan Room Designs with Seasonal Decorating

If you’re planning to redecorate a room, you might want to stop and think about how that year-round design will fit in with your seasonal decorating. It sounds counterintuitive. After all, it’s common to just throw any seasonal decor into the room style you already have. Why should holiday decorating dominate the home all year?

But if you were to stop and think about how your overall room colors work in relation to your seasonal decorating, you could take your home to a new level around the holidays. For instance, you might choose a warm color scheme if you prefer gold holiday decorations so that the bright gold shade doesn’t clash with too many other colors in the space. Or you might have pops of red around the room to go with a variety of holiday items.

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Another option is to find holiday decorating color schemes that work with the room styles you already have. That way, you don’t have to completely redesign rooms, if that’s not something you want to tackle. Take a look below to see how different holiday color schemes work with different overall room designs.

Seasonal decorating in red

red and white mantle Christmas decor

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Red is, of course, a mainstay for seasonal decorating. Along with green and white, the three make up the traditional colors associated with Christmas. Red is a favorite because it just pops, making it a good option for an accent color during the holiday season. Plus, red shows up in many seasonal decor items, from Santa’s red suit to Rudolf’s nose.

red arm chair and christmas tree

Murat Deniz / Getty Images

Think about either subtle or bold ways to have red in your space all year. That way, it will be easy to fit into a variety of seasonal decor items. You could paint an accent piece, have a bright red chair or go for a bold all-red color scheme. Take a look below for some holiday color schemes that accent the red colors already in the space.

Seasonal decorating in green

christmas greenery

Waraporn Wattanakul / EyeEm / Getty Images

And then there’s the other main color of the holidays: green. Green is easy to incorporate into a space around the holidays, as it makes a natural addition in the form of evergreen trees and garland. Many holiday items also have red and green on them, like Christmas throw pillows.

So, naturally, a good option to give your home a cohesive look around the holidays is to have some permanent green fixtures. You might have green furniture, green topiaries or even green accent walls. Take a look below to see how green holiday color schemes work with the overall design of the room.

Seasonal decorating in silver

silver Christmas decor

Staras / Getty Images

Another color scheme favorite for seasonal decorating is silver. From silver bells to silvery snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, silver gives a cool, wintery ambiance. You have many more options with silver for your overall room design, as well. With silver, you’ll want to err on the side of light and neutral color schemes. That way, the silver doesn’t have to compete with bolder colors to stand out.

And because light and neutral color schemes are so popular, you might already have the perfect palette for decorating with silver this holiday season. Take a look below to see some amazing silver holiday color schemes and how they work with the rest of the space.

Seasonal decorating in gold

gold christmas decor

asbe/ Getty Images

Another holiday decorating favorite is gold. It gives a look of lush holiday riches, making it a favorite for holiday decor color schemes. Gold can be a little harder to just throw into any space, however. It tends to work best against warm color schemes that are already present in the room. That way, gold seasonal decorating elements look like they belong, rather than something you just threw in your home during the holidays. Below are several styles where gold naturally fits in with the surrounding room design.

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