Wait Till You See These Modern Menorahs in Stores Now

Hanukkah traditions don’t mean you need a traditional menorah. Glam and modernize your holiday with one of these sleek, modern menorahs — in stores now.

Brass and gold modern menorahs

Gold and brass are hot. These menorahs feature warm golden tones that are on-trend, yet have a retro or mid-century vibe.

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Polished chrome or steel modern menorahs

Nothing is more modern than polished chrome. It adds a little bling to your festivities and works well with nearly any modern decor.

adogslifephoto / Getty Images

White and marble menorahs

Freshen up a space with some pure, crisp white. These menorahs may be understated color-wise, but they make up for it with their material choice or whimsy.

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Dark metal menorahs

If you love rich tones and blacks, these anodized steel and dark metal menorahs may be what you’re looking for.

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Modern electric menorahs

If you’re worried about safety, the latest electric menorahs are striking and energy-efficient, due to the LED lights or low-voltage bulbs they come equipped with.

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Organic modern menorahs

These modern menorahs have a rustic, handmade quality to them. Some mimic nature in the form of twigs, leaves and branches. They add an unexpected, warm touch to a sleek, contemporary home.

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Colorful menorahs

These stylish Hanukkah menorahs add bold and contemporary color to the modern designs. You can also add some color to your menorah by choosing colorful candles.

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Menorah candles

Looking for some unusual Hanukkah candles for your menorah? Here are some suggestions that range from eco-friendly to colorful.

We at Freshome wish you a very modern and happy Hanukkah!