15 Urban Furniture Designs You Wish Were on Your Street

Maker is  working on his workshop table with his tools and pieces

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We all want our streets to look as beautiful as our homes and to bring colorful accents to our life. Fresh, inspiring furniture is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Freshome loves all design that makes our life better and that is why we decided to tell you a story about our favorite urban furniture designs. All the architects that take part in this exterior makeover have worked on designing our interiors and exteriors and have decided to extend that feeling outdoors. These wonderful creations remind us to have faith in the visual artists that shape our world and to never forget to stop and smell the roses.

1. Pablo Reinoso`s Spaghetti Wall: This Portuguese chestnut and iron bench seems to have a mind of its own. Trying not to fit in but to create its own world of escapades, Pablo Reinoso`s Spaghetti Wall bench brings a new concept to a classic design. The tangling ends of the bench express the artistic approach to a familiar design by adding courage and a sense of continuation to modern landscaping.

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2.  Reef bench: This superb bench by Dutch designers  Remy & Veenhuizen was created for a high school in Zoetermeer, Netherlands.  Students must be able to play with the environment in order to enjoy relaxation and creativity. The lively bench makes use of natural elements in trying to offer an escape from the modern, static impression left behind by the high school building.

3. Union bench by Jangir Maddadi: This versatile bench offers something very important to the tired passer-by – it offers the freedom of choice. Union bench brings a 360 degree view of the surroundings, making it the perfect shape for admiring everything around. Made from concrete and wood, the bench also has two more versions: the Union bench for indoor – made from fiberglass and covered with a comfortable cushion- and the Yacht bench – made from fiberglass and certified teak seats inspired by yacht decking.

4. Rolling bench: Some people love the rain: small drops touching the skin, the feeling of washing away the problems and the fresh, frisk air.  Once the rain stops and you need a moment to take in all the peace around, the Rolling bench is a life savior: although it might be soaked with water, it has a handle that brings up the dry side in a moment.

5. Muscle bench: Alexandre Moronnoz`s Muscle bench solidifies the modern idea of restful places in the great outdoors. Placed in a modern environment the bench offers the possibility to sit or lay on the sinuous lines of this intriguing design. The steel Muscle bench filters the sunlight to add another dimension to the dazzling visual effect.

6. Sliding Bench: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could slide away when you want to be alone? Even in a public space, it is possible with the sliding bench. Mutlu K?l?nçer has designed the bench with this in mind: the freedom of choice. With its modern sliding feature, this bench accomplishes a modern look and takes sitting in the park to a new level.

7.  Spiro Spiral: Designed by Zoran Sunjic, this beautiful bench was named Spiro Spiral. The design speaks for itself: a luxurious urban seating area that wraps around and around, giving the impression of a braid in motion.The design allowed Zoran to play with the form creating quite a few variations.

8. Ensemble bench: The Ensemble bench was created by Roel Vandebeek for the urban street furniture manufacturer Wolters. Simple lines were used to create this beauty but the contemporaneity comes from how Roel managed to think a network of stands on which the bench rests. It looks as if white shadows were cast in the process.

9. Twig concrete seating: Suited for a very modern area, the Twig concrete seating offers resting space for the urban traveler. The design resembles the form of a twig but the concrete masks any idea of eco-friendly intention. Twig is the perfect touch in a modern urban area. This system of benches invites to rest and enchant with its round edges and modular design.

10.  Loop Bench: This part art form, part bench, part slide wonder created by Jeppe Hein uses interaction to bring people closer. Having fun and resting actually goes very well together – especially when a cool design like this brings generations closer.

11. Piano street furniture: This piece created by ADDI saves space while looking beautiful: it is part bench part bike rack.  With the rising demand for ecological means of transport, this bench is perfect for any city. The 90 degrees angle simplicity blends well with the city`s ever-changing face.

12.Urban Adapter: Rocker Lange Architects created this proposal for an urban furniture seating area. Made for the streets of Hong Kong the Urban adapter seeks to brand a city with its unique shape. The designers merged different concepts into this beautiful bench and offered a resting place and a visual gem.

13.  Urban hardwood: This walnut slab bench by Urban Hardwoods incorporates nature into a concrete, changing environment. Naturally beautiful, the wood was cut by taking into account the imperfections of nature. These are the ones that offer the feeling of escape. The hardwood rests on aluminum legs that make the connection to modern age.

14. Diamond teak benches: New designs from Diamond Teak combine natural wood and modern craftsmanship. Golden teak and stainless steel make these bench designs an artistic statement. They look like optical illusions created for a deep visual experience and sustain the idea of natural enhancement.

15. Rubber loop bench: An unusual design from Asedo Designs tries to give a new meaning to urban furniture. Made from rubber cord and maple wood this bench reminds us of bungee jumping. We can consider it an inspiration for the urban dwellers and a constant reminder of fun in the city.

These 15 benches have an inspiring design for modern society, but they have one flaw: very few people can enjoy them. There are only so many in the world. How about your street? What benches make your neighborhood special?