Traditional House in Spain Incorporates a Contemporary Layout

simonlong / Getty Images

The creative team behind Dom Arquitectura completed this House in la Cerdanya. An inspiring traditional house in Spain, it blends classic elements with contemporary living. The residence neighbors a beautiful natural park and takes advantage of the surrounding valley.

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Faced with local building constraints, the developing team had to limit the design to local materials. “As a start, we decided to build the home with a wooden structure, facing the project from a bioclimatic strategy, to achieve an efficient and sustainable construction,” the architects explained. “The project included three different textures: the stone and the clay tiles as stated in the regulations and the timber as structural material,” they also said.

The L-shaped house is partially buried in the ground. Only the garage and main entrance are at street level. The site dictated this structure because of its steep slope. An open-plan living and dining area acts as the core of the traditional house in Spain. This also ensures expansive views of the surrounding area.

“The exterior wall draws a series of slopes and counter slopes providing the house with a singular geometry. The roofs of both wings create a continuous porch that surrounds the house and generates a wide lounge area in one of its end,” the architects added. “In the traditional rural architecture of the region,” they continued, “the houses where enclosed towards the exterior in a gesture of protection. This project aims to open up the living room, the garden and the views.” Information provided by Dom Arquitectura