The 20 Most Visually Enticing Stone Facades Ever Presented on Freshome

Pool and Steps to the Casa Luna Ranch

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Charming and mysterious at the same time, stone facades continue to be a widespread exterior design choice at a time when new construction materials are being developed at a fast pace. We love walking through cities and stumbling on a stone house that strikes us with its romantic appearance. It is as if these miniature castles have the ability to take you back in time.

Several advantages make stone veneer a wise option; for us, the natural style that comes with raw stone, as well as its many available colors, rank the highest. Aside from providing that lovely texture that can enliven the overall design composition of a facade, natural stone offers a level of durability not found in many other building materials. This is a rough matter, one that will not fade with time or be easily brought down by bad weather conditions.

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Stone is a good insulating material, and helps to ensure that the temperature inside the house remains stable. For you green thinkers out there, stone facades are a sustainable option, blending beautifully with coastal landscapes or mimicking the natural slope of a hillside.

We decided to remind you of 20 architecture projects we have featured throughout the years, all presenting inspiring stone facades. (For complementary ideas, take a look at our post 30 Spectacular Modern Glass Facades.) Click the link under each photo for more information about each design.

Beautiful showcase home in the suburbs.

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1. Two Stone Cottages Fused With a Glass Stairwell Enclosure

The Irish landscape was the perfect background for this mixture of cottage architecture and modern redesign. The Connemara Residence by Peter Legge Associates is composed of two stacked stone vernacular buildings tied together with a transparent structure housing the light-flooded staircase.

2. Inspiring Old Cottage Rehabilitation in Scotland: The Torispardon Project

Located on a beautiful hillside with panoramic views of the Cairngorm Mountains and the Spey Valley in Scotland, Torispardon is a surprising home design implemented by architects Stuart Archer and Liz Marinko. The project is a rehabilitation of an old cottage and steading located on the site.

3. Historic Farm Converted Into Welcoming Contemporary Retreat in La Cerdanya, Spain

Dom Arquitectura completed an impressive historic farm rehabilitation in the eastern Pyrenees, at the border between France and Spain. The client commissioned the architect to convert a haystack, a barn, a warehouse and a small house into a welcoming home and several guest pavilions.

4. Modern Meets Rustic: 1151 Crenshaw Residence by Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Located in Eugene, Oregon, the 1151 Crenshaw residence is a wonderful way to express a blend of styles. The creative team at Jordan Iverson Signature Homes envisioned a steel and stone facade for extra dynamics and modern visual character.

5. Mountain Rustic Look Tastefully Displayed by Rock Copper Glass Residence in Canada

Rock Copper Glass is a remodeling project carried out by cdrg+RedTeam in Canada. The moment you lay your eyes on this residence, you are drawn into its well-defined plan, sleek look, inspiring use of natural stone and integration of British Columbia fir and raw metal. The house is a direct design response to its site as well as the form and utility of the building materials, which combine to create a solid, robust structure.

6. Modern Steel-Framed Pavilion With Extensive Views Over Johannesburg

The Westcliff Pavilion was designed by GASS Architecture Studios and is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The original-looking two-bedroom dwelling is located in a secluded forest, close to a relatively steep ridge, with fantastic views of Johannesburg.

7. Sophistication Defining Recently Renovated Stone House in Switzerland

This renovated stone house in a historic village in Switzerland is not only a dream come true for its owners, but an example for modernizing historic homes. By keeping most of the old stone walls of the structure and replacing the existing wooden floors with cement flooring, architects of Wespi de Meuron Romeo restored the charm of this fabulous stone house and added up-to-date sophistication.

8. Farm Restoration Project Embedding New Lifestyle In Old Frame

Within the shell of an old farm house, this stunning volume rises as an example of modern farmhouse reconstruction possibilities. Working with a structure that was completely in ruin, Fernando Coelho Architects exemplary reconstructed and improved the building. The street side exhibits a stone facade, paying tribute to the origin of the project.

9. Genuine Rocky Architecture in Switzerland: The Chamoson Residence Read

Salvaging the best features of a traditional 1800s house, Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte envisioned a contemporary residence in Chamoson, Switzerland. The rocky surface makes the unconventional project perfectly blend in with the natural surroundings.

10. Stone and Irokko Wood Shaping a Home in Picturesque Cyprus Village

Dressed in a wooden skin, this stone home in Cyprus was designed by Paphos-based VARDAstudio on a hillside property under the warm Greek sun. Featuring details of modern Greek architecture, this home differentiates itself from neighboring houses with its volumetric design.

a view of the front and driveway of a lovely double fronted luxury new home, taken at dusk with all of the interior and exterior lights switched on. The branding on the alarm box has been changed to a fictional text.

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11. Rocky Architecture Meets Ultimate Holiday Thrills in Mykonos, Greece

Set in the natural rocky landscape of Mykonos and offering open views of the Aegean Sea, Rocky Retreat Two is a perfect holiday escape for those in search of special accommodations. The traditional rocky exterior of the residence is complemented by captivating outdoor features.
12. Picturesque Wood & Stone Residence Inspiring a Serene Way of Living

John Dodge Compound is a delightful-looking residence designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects and located in Wilson, Wyoming, near the Snake River. Its surrounding landscape is vivid and diverse, consisting of dense forests and a beautiful open meadow.

13. Inspiring Rustic Hotel Unveiling the Authentic Beauty of Spain

In the greenest region of Galicia, Spain, in a small village in Costa Da Morte, lies an enchanting traditional hotel called Lugar do Cotariño. The historical building has been restored by the two owners, Alberto Cuervo and Julia Flores, after they fell in love with the place and decided to create a perfect spot for relaxation.
14. Glass and Stone Modern Residence Remodeled From a 15th-Century Barn

Designed by UK-based architectural studio MOOARC, the former 15th-century barn on the island of Guernsey was transformed into a high-end, luxurious modern home named La Concha House. By remodeling the old structure, the architects created a fabulous private residence featuring natural ventilation and recycled building materials.

15. Local Stone and Modern Design: Casa Club Bosque Altozano

Casa Club Bosque Altozano by Parque Humano was built in Mexico City, Mexico. Exploring the panorama through a vertical selection of windows accompanying the stone volume, the house reacts to its surroundings through the choice of shapes and materials. Locally resourced stone covers a steel frame, creating an exceptional facade pierced by an artistic void.

16. Imposing Prospector Residence Unveiling Surprisingly Warm Interiors in Idaho

Completed by Marmol Radziner  in Sun Valley, Idaho, Prospector Residence offers expansive mountain views. Derived from the surrounding environment, the color palette and material selection includes stone veneer, red cedar siding and bluestone flooring. The 8,000-square-foot residence boasts seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

17. Contemporary Reinterpretation of Traditional Chalet: Hocker Farm in UK

Donald Architecture completed the design of Hocker Farm, a charming stone cottage within The Peak District National Park in Longnor, Buxton, United Kingdom. Constrained in size by the original garage footprint, the challenge was creating extra rooms within a relatively small space. Glass and stone define the exterior of the residence, which showcases an original appearance.

18. Pricey and Spectacular: Private Holladay Estate in Utah

The private Holladay Estate in Utah comes with plenty of surprising and outstanding features. With buildings paying tribute to the Old World European style and magnificent tall windows framing Mount Olympus, this estate can be truthfully considered a dream home.

19. Architecture Asymmetry in the Service of Comfortable Living: Park City Residence

Situated on 2.62 acres dramatically overlooking three ski areas, this contemporary retreat in Park City, Utah, displays an inspiring design throughout. The first thing visitors are likely to notice when approaching this mansion is its interesting asymmetry. The building showcases an appealing mix of glass, wood and stone finishes, visually fusing it with the environment.

20. Perfect Ski Retreat in Big Sky, Montana: The Rustic Redux Project

Spotted on On Site Management, an architecture company founded by renowned architect Jonathan Foote, this custom-built residence is intriguing, to say the least. An impressive amount of stone was employed for the finishing touches, with powerful visual effects.