Temperature Sensitive Glass Tiles

Moving Color is an innovative technology which takes glass tiles to new heights in terms of interior design. These are temperature sensitive textured glass tiles  which change color with the ambient, body or water temperature. So when someone touches them or if warm water from a shower hits them, the tiles then literally “bloom with color”! How neat is that?

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Yevhenii Dubinko / Getty Images

The manufacturer offer tiles in different sizes and for all sorts of applications – wall, floor and counter tops. There are also texture and base color options which allows you to custom the look you want.  Clients can also choose the activation temperature of the tiles which will then go through 3 shimmering phases,  each with a 6 – 10° rise in temperature.  “Once the temperature peak is passed, the base color returns and remains the same until the temperature drops.”


How much is this going to cost? It’s approximately $17 per standard size 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″ tile or $149/ft with reductions for volume discounts.  It’s not cheap because the tiles are all individually hand made from recycled glass but you have to admit, they are “cool” when hot! – Via