Swedish Combination of Traditional Elements and Modern Design: Lima House

simonlong / Getty Images

Lima House comes from Swedish architect Johan Sundberg. The infusion of traditional elements into the contemporary architecture is represented by the unification between two apparently different designs: the traditional shape of the saddle roof and the distinguished elegance of the sleek modern design. In the seaside summer resort where this residence is located – Limavagen, Hollviken, Sweden – the conditions were perfect for its inhabitants: a young couple looking to start a family. The architects working on this project saw its architecture as an opportunity: “From a designer’s point of view this building type is a challenge. A traditional saddle roof is to be combined with a held-back modern design. This leads to challenges around the roof edges. Large glazed sliding doors and crisp dormers require steel reinforcements within the timber frame. The design dissolves the traditional 1,5 story bottom level plan and opens up the structure both over the corners and up through the first floor. Lines-of-sight penetrate the house and the window positions work to frame the scenery on the outside.”  All the elements described by the ones who worked on this astounding project preserve a sense of comfort.  This makes me wonder if this combination of Swedish traditional design and modern building techniques and materials is the next step in owning a balanced, comfortable house.

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