Surprising and Funny Foldout Cards Turning That Frown Upside Down

Poh Kim Yeoh / EyeEm / Getty Images

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Teaching us to look beyond the apparent, these surprisingly creative greeting cards by Etsy Shop FINCHandHare grab the attention with an offensive line only to unravel heart-warming messages. These funny foldout cards display mean messages when closed, but once opened they invigorate you with a fun and funny line: “You are awful” turns into “You are awesome & wonderful”. Others are prepared to give your friends and family a different feeling this year for Christmas. There’s a card that says “Santa hates you” and unfolds to read “Santa has some favorites & one is you.”

How about admitting someone was right? How many of us take Marie Forleo’s advice on how to handle conflict and use two “magic words” to dispel an argument? These cards help you admit to anything in a funny way that will warm the heart of the receiver with either a laugh or a smile. Packages like the “Lover’s Trio: Relationship Essential Card Set – Three fold-out funny cards to get you through a year in your relationship” make it easy to have a card at hand when you most need it aka when you forget.

The designer – Heather Abbott – makes a note about how she came to love birthday cards and postcards and wants to share this ongoing love through her work: “I imagine the cards in this shop bringing a little excitement to mailboxes all over the world.” How many times have you found yourself in a situation where the other person scares you a bit, but that’s exactly why you like them? Their birthday is the perfect occasion to shine a funny light on this feeling with the card that folded says “You are terrifying” and unfolding it uncovers a much friendlier message: “You are terrific. I am really, really enjoying getting to know you.” Printed on cardstock, these unassuming greeting cards are filled with wit and provoke an emotional reaction in people. That’s their main functionality, right? Bright, simple and elegant, they come with a matching envelope.

Remember the exhilarating feeling of cards in the mail?