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6 Stylish Ways to Use Polka-Dot Designs

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Think polka dots are just for clown costumes? Think again! Polka dots can be a striking way to add color and geometry to a room’s design. There are as many ways to use them as there are room styles. Bold or subtle, large-scale or muted designs, walls or upholstery: The possibilities are endless. Take a look below for some inspiration to get you started. You may just find yourself planning a room with fun polka-dot designs in the future.

Polka-Dot Designs Orange Pink Color

Polka dots are a good way to combine opposing colors in a space, like this orange and pink design. Image: Grace Blu

Colorful polka dots

Polka-dot designs are a great way to work with a certain grouping of colors. The polka dots on the wall above set the theme for a pink and orange color palette. The dots on the wall match the sofa well. Plus, the holes in the bookcase extend the geometric theme to the rest of the room.

Want to jazz up your colorful polka dots? Check out the photo collection behind the bookcase. Each polka dot contains a photo, giving the impression that the dots are actually picture frames.

Polka-Dot Designs Metallic Shade

Opt for a metallic design if you want to look classy and modern. Image: Lindye Galloway Interiors

Metallic polka-dot designs

Another way to use polka-dot designs is go metallic. Metallics, particularly in gold, emulate sophistication. They also pair well with neutral, light color schemes. Neutrals help the gold pop all the more and become the main accent in the space. What results is a chic, updated look that allows you to use polka dots in a modern way.

The design above also shows that you can get creative with where you place your polka dots. Don’t feel restricted to the walls; here, they stand out on the arched ceiling.

Polka-Dot Designs Abstract Confetti

This randomly grouped design gives the fun feeling of falling confetti. Image: Niche Interiors

Grouped polka dots

In contrast to the previous two design concepts, the photo above shows how polka dots can become playful when placed in small, randomized groupings. This is great for a child’s bedroom; it resembles confetti from a birthday party.

Using this design on one wall also turns that wall into a focal point and prevents the style from overtaking the whole room. Meanwhile, keeping the background color consistent with the other walls lends some cohesion to the space.

Polka-Dot Designs Large Scale

Get creative with large-scale polka dots for a fun and classy look. Image: Emily A. Clark

Large-scale polka dots

You can also go big and bold with your polka dots. Above, the large white polka dots and high-impact red background create a statement. For an even more daring look, try using contrasting colors in the polka dots and the background color, or use the same shade but define the dots using high gloss paint. The possibilities with this design are endless.

Polka-Dot Designs Corner Design

Paint only one corner with polka dots for a more subtle, artsy embellishment. Image: Scheer & Co. Interior Design

Corner polka dots

Another idea is to isolate a group of polka dots in one part of the room. One trick to make them appear more artsy is to start them off closer together and then space them out more and more as they approach the ceiling. This makes it appear as though they’re dispersing into space. It’s a truly creative design that adds depth to the room.

Polka-Dot Designs Breakfast Nook

Make your upholstery pop with a polka-dot design. Image: Rinaldi Interior Design

Polka dot upholstery

Of course, polka dots aren’t limited to the walls. They also feel right at home in upholstery. For instance, a polka dot bench is a classy addition to the breakfast nook in the photo above. The gray and white neutral design helps it fit in just about anywhere. (Though we also have some tips on how to mix and match patterns.)

Placing the polka dots close to each other also adds depth and dimension. The more you stare at it, the more it looks like the polka dots are jumping out from the white, or the white is jumping out from the polka dots. It’s mesmerizing, almost like an optical illusion.

Do any of the above polka-dot designs inspire you to incorporate this fun element? Tell us about it below!

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