Spa Center Design in Vietnam Adorned With Beautiful Hanging Gardens

minemero / Getty Images

Recently completed by MIA Design Studio in Da Nang City, Vietnam, PURE SPA is a 15 room treatment center with an original architecture, featuring beautiful hanging gardens. According to the architects, “the facade is composed of lattice patterns alternated with vertical landscapes that filter the strong tropical sunlight into a pleasant play of light and shadow on the textured walls. Various plants are carefully allocated and become a part of the architectural screens.” Creating a powerful color contrast with the white panels of the building, the lovely green walls stand out, making the building visible from far away.

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Amenities of the Spa center include a health club with gym and an open lounge garden for meditation and yoga sessions. Here is more from the designers: “The ground floor contains open spaces with relaxing platforms surrounded by serene lotus ponds and hanging gardens. The architectural design company MIA Design Studio’s use of natural ventilation keeps the building cool and gives the guest a refreshing experience. With use of local plants, each retreat becomes a healing environment where the guest can enjoy a luxurious wellness in privacy.” Enjoy the photos and feel free to share your thoughts!