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Semi-Detached House in Singapore Interacting with the Surrounding Site

Korisbo / Getty Images

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Far Sight House is a complex residential project nested in Bukit Timah, Singapore. The inspiring semi-detached property designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design  interacts with the surrounding site, yet brilliantly integrates into the urban street-scape of neighbourhood. Curves, cut outs and shapes of all kinds define the house, compiling its complex architectural character. “The house is expressed by coupling two forms; a tall and narrow single-room width block housing the master bedroom, study and attic-living and the wider block at the rear accommodating two children bedrooms side by side. The formal expression the house is also a response to the strict local interpretation of attic guidelines.”

Korisbo / Getty Images

Featuring two storeys, an attic and a roof terrace overlooking the valley, the house brings the inhabitants closer to nature.  It features openings on three sides all covered with vertically drawn blinds, empowering residents to control the amount of sunlight, breeze and view. The ground floor accommodates the living room, kitchen, dining, a room for guests and last, but not least, a small playground with a pool for children. The second floor accommodates a family room and three bedrooms. Finally, the roof terrace is a casual place where the family gathers for reunions and parties. It’s nice to see how the maze of greenery encircling the house was neatly integrated into the house plan, charging the residents with freshness.

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