Playful Kukumuku Restaurant in Vilnius Specially Designed for Families with Kids

Vostok / Getty Images

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Kukumuku, a restaurant designed in a playful manner by Plazma Architecture Studio enhances the creative spirit and challenges you to… play along with your kids! The exciting place is located in the very heart of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and pays full attention to what kids want. Light, warmth,colours and the positive overall atmosphere represent key elements that make this place a bright environment, suitable for families with kids. Kukumuku is divided in the several sections: eating area, cupcake bar, theatre and special playing spots. In spite of the apparent space limitations, kids can play freely all around the main space.

Encouraging children to express their creativity, Kukumuku’s features unique artwork containing abstract graphic design elements. “It brings out curiosity and creative thinking for both kids and adults alike. All these features helped to create a constant delightful mood of a sunny Sunday morning in the restaurant despite not only the site being located in an ancient building in one of the narrow lanes of the old-town, but also the time of day or even the common gloomy weather of Vilnius.