Playful And Quirky Details Influencing Lighting: Casa Natalia by Agraz Arquitectos

sl-f / Getty Images

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“Play with the light” – this could be a wonderful slogan for Casa Natalia, the residential project developed by Agraz Arquitectos in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Imagine how the world of design would look like if each house had a slogan, in the first place. By exploring (just) a little bit the field of branding, we see how slogans (and mottos) can influence our decision when it comes to purchasing products based on the level of respect and attraction towards the brand. Now, applying the same principle, could a house with a slogan influence our thinking and convince us that a certain house is worth buying? We don’t know yet about this, but what we know for certain is that the way you present a house, can.

Casa Natalia is charming and warm. It allows the light to sneak inside in a very playful way thanks to the panels installed on the windows. The horizontal cut outs create an interesting atmosphere, especially during the evenings, when the moon scatters its shy rays. The house spreads on three levels. “The vertical circulations that join all stories are contained in this added limb and where coated, in and outside, by metal and wood shutters designed by the artist Adrian Guerrero. These control light and privacy and allow a poetic dialogue between glass and steel.” Modern, elegant and airy, Casa Natalia is a welcoming family house that boasts quirky details, in order to create the perfect living space.