Painted Ceiling Ideas That Change Everything

painting ceilings

BonNontawat/ Shutterstock

The ceiling is usually a neglected space in room design, but it certainly shouldn’t be. Why settle? With the right wallpaper or shade of paint (and a little inspiration), your ceiling makes a stunning statement.  Here’s 20 of our favorite standout ceilings.

Pretty patterns

painted pink ceiling

Andreas von Einsiedel/ Getty images

pink ceiling

We Are/ Getty Images

Bold-colored painted ceilings

painted ceiling

Thanate Rooprasert/ Shutterstock

orange ceiling

Andrea Rugg/ Getty images

Grey painted ceiling ideas

grey ceiling

georgeclerk/ Getty Images

Now that you’ve seen some of these sublime ceilings, think about that big expanse over your head differently! Paint or wallpaper the surface to add somethingw and different to any room.

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