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11 Refreshing Outdoor Shower Ideas For An Easy, Breezy Summer

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Have you ever had a shower outside on a sunny, warm day? It’s a great way to refresh yourself when it’s hot. Plus, if you live near the beach, an outdoor shower makes it easy to rinse the sand off before going indoors. These outdoor shower ideas are an easy project that can add to your patio or yard, enhance the beauty of your landscaping, and add value to your home.

Ready-to-go outdoor showers

Adding an outdoor shower is as easy as converting a water hose or spigot into a shower. But that only offers a cold water shower, which may be all you need. Alternatively, you can call in a plumber to bring hot water to the spot. Buy one of these ready-to-go outdoor showers and you can get set up quickly and easily:

Pottery Barn Outdoor Shower With Shelf, $499

Ready to go, this shower includes the deck-like stand, shower hardware and wall shelf to hold your soaps, shampoo and hanging items.

Anself Outdoor Solar Shower, $385

If you prefer to have a warm water outdoor shower, this one uses solar power to heat the water supplied from your hose.

Shop This Product Now: Outdoor Solar Shower

Other outdoor shower ideas

If you really want to add lasting value to your home or condo, you’ll need something more permanent. Check out these creative outdoor shower ideas that you can add to your space, large or small, to create your very own water oasis.

Luxury outdoor shower surrounded by plants

@OlgaPink / Twenty20

Here’s a great way to add a designer feel to your simple outdoor shower. Create a sense of space using wood slats, stone or tile. Add a deck to help the water drain. And don’t forget to landscape with water-loving plants.

Outdoor shower at log cabin, running shower

@RumRiverPhotography / Twenty20

When adding a simple outdoor shower, consider incorporating a bench and/or hooks for towels and other items.

Private outdoor shower with tile and glass walls

Suti Stock Photo / Shutterstock

For the ultimate indoor and outdoor experience, designers added a glass wall and door that leads from the bathroom to a small outdoor patio with an outdoor shower.

Residential outdoor shower with tile wall in home garden

@poyoky / Twenty20

A panel of tiles and some landscaping give an outdoor shower a high-design look.

Simple outdoor shower with wood panel partition

suchai.guai / Shutterstock

You can mount shower hardware on a wall like this simple wood fencing. Be sure to choose durable shower hardware in stainless steel.

Outdoor shower on deck on the side of a house

@jackattack / Twenty20

You don’t need a lot of space to create a beautiful outdoor shower area. But it’s helpful to add a shelf for soap or add hooks or a stool for towels and other items.

Outdoor shower finished with wood deck paneling

Papin Lab / Shutterstock

Add beauty to your outdoor shower area by finishing the space off with stone, tiles or wood deck walls.

DIY outdoor shower made from wood panels Ozymandian / Shutterstock

Dual rain shower heads were mounted from the wall and an enclosure was built from wood fence panels to add a bit of privacy.

Outdoor bathtub with shower head GaudiLab / Shutterstock

A small side patio deck is now a romantic and relaxing spot, thanks to the addition of a large tub and a large rain shower head.

What do you think of these outdoor shower ideas? Will you be adding one to your patio or backyard?

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