Not Your Shrinking Violet: Here Are 10 Ideas For Decorating With Purple For A Modern, Sexy Space

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We continue our series on decorating with colors like orange and olive green by throwing violet into the home design ring. Also known as purple, aubergine and amethyst, violet is one of the hottest colors for the home this year, especially as we move into fall and winter.

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Decorating with purple is less challenging than you think. There’s a rainbow of tones (from cool to warm to neutral to vivid) available to add a little violet to your life. Here’s how:

Purple Wallpaper Ideas

Painted walls in a bold color are a good way to update a room, but wallpaper adds a big design effect, thanks to the patterns and textures available.

purple wallpaper ideas

This purple wallpaper pattern is subtle due to the metallic graphics that reflect light, making them appear lighter than the deep violet paper. Image: Interior Design/Shutterstock

purple wallpaper ideas for the bedroom

A panel of violet graphic wallpaper adds texture and interest to a simple white bedroom. Image: DS Design Studio/Shutterstock

Add Purple Home Decor To A Neutral Room

Adding just one or two purple home accents to a room may infuse enough violet to breathe life into the space. Check these out:

decorating with purple and berry tones

Mix purple with other berry and wine tones, as shown in this modern living room. Image:

purple bedroom decor

Layer various tones or shades of purple for a high-design look. Image:

decorating with purple

Purple accessories transform a neutral living space into a stunning and personalized room where you can relax and lounge. Image: Alex Tihonovs/Shutterstock

purple textiles and accessories

Purple warms up an ordinary room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match purple textures and prints. Image: Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock

Mixing Purple And Grey

Grey has been the classic go-to color for modern living. Purple pairs perfectly with all shades of grey, making the duo a match.

purple paint ideas

Paint a single wall in a vibrant shade of violet to liven up a neutral grey space. Image: PlusONE/Shutterstock

decorating with purple furniture

A neutral grey wall is the perfect backdrop for this sumptuous violet chaise. Image: ExperienceInteriors/Getty Images

decorating with purple and grey

Purple works well with all shades of grey, ranging from dark charcoals to pale platinums and silver tones. Image: Phototropic/Getty Images

Why You Need Some Violet Velvet

Velvet fabric amps up the rich tone of purple. Look for purple velvet upholstery, throw blankets or accent pillows to add a luxurious look and feel to your room.

decorating with purple in the living room

The rich and regal tone of purple is elevated when the fabric of choice is velvet. Image:

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