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30 Gorgeous Twig Decorations for Your Home

No matter how big and beautiful our home is, we still dream about fresh air and how to be closer to nature. We can start small and welcome nature in our homes with these 30 gorgeous twig decorations you can use as inspiration for the fall season decorating.

This Metallic Twig Pendant Light from Designlush is part of the Urban Forest Collection by Gwen Carlton. Made from sculpting clay over metal armature, the hand-manipulated pendant light comes in four finishes: copper, palladium, gold or powder-coated. No need to say that this will inspire an interior ambiance that will last all throughout the night and make it easier to be caught in a fairy dream.

A unique way to let your guests enjoy your jewellery collection would be to adorn this beautiful twig inspired stand with your most beloved assets. Moulded from plastic, it comes in two elegant colours: black and white. The Treasure Tree Jewellery Stand from Modcloth offers its twigs for your jewellery to enjoy.

This Twig Table is actually a DiY project. Making it yourself will increase the love with which you look at it from across the room. All you need is a little desire to be inspired… and some tools and materials. But once you have built it, you will see how easy it is to relax next to your natural wood creation.

Another chandelier from the Urban Forest Collection at Designlush drawn our attention. This time it is the Black High Gloss Twig Chandelier . Simplicity meets nature in this amazing piece made from auto enamelled metal armature. Many colour options make this product versatile enough to be eye-catching in any surrounding – the chandelier comes in black, white, red, gilt gold or silver platinum.

Square lighting systems are a beautiful addition to your home. For example, this Woven Twig Square Lamp from Wrapables can be used as a hanging lamp or a table lamp. The design makes it glow from the inside with the help of one single light bulb. Try it in your home for a forest effect on your walls.

Incorporated New York and the Stevens Institute of Technology were the designers of this Branch Table. The collaboration gave birth to each of these unique side tables. Mimicking the geometry of a tree, the splendid feature of this kind of table lies in its uniqueness:  each piece is made by running a computer algorithm to grow one of a kind branches which are later fabricated in a case by using lithographic 3D printing technologies.

In the early days people had to rely on wood to make furniture. Now we still rely on nature to offer inspiration for seating installations. For example, this Gothic Revival Chair mixes natural untainted wood with gothic style lines to create a  base for this throne-like chair. A comfortable cushion sweetens the harsh lines of the design.

The dark cotton shade on this Chrome Twig Table Lamp from Graham and Green can only accentuate the feeling of a fresh forest colour palette. Having a chrome twig design comes in handy when you try to integrate this lighting piece into your modern home.  The atmosphere it creates will have you forget about daily chores and relax next to it with a book in your hands.

Israeli designer Adi Zaffran Weisler has outdone himself when he created this amazing stool. He tried to find the perfect fusion between the organic and the industrial and managed to do so in an eccentric manner. The RAWtation collection of tables and stool was created by inserting tree material into plastic formers before the rotational moulding process begins.

Italian designer team from Edilco embroidered a simple spiral staircase with a beautiful twig design. This created a contemporary visual design that reminds us of cherry blossom trees. The dark twig design rests on the white staircase and gives the impression of a never-ending story.

Another set of Twig Stairs, this time from Imagination in Metals steals your breath from the entrance. Beautifully twisted metal gives life to a usual staircase. Think about giving these interior artworks a try next time you want a change in your home.

There is another way to look at railings: from the ground up. This tree design not only has branches, but it also shows us the place where trees get their power from – the roots.  A whole tree has been imagined by Imagination in Metals to offer deeper contemplation of nature in your own home.

Woodland Creek Furniture created this railing design using a combination of natural wood and dark metal meant to draw attention to an iconic representation of a forest in the wind. Twigs were lined up as if a refreshing breeze touched them and left a strong impression behind – an impression that will amaze your guests once they walk in the door.

Your kitchen could benefit from a fall season decorating change. Try this elegant bar server  from HomArt whenever you want to impress your friends and use it as a serving centrepiece on special occasions. The white platters contrast with the twig structure for a magnificent visual effect.

Jan Habraken and Alissia Melka thought of a fun way to hang your clothes: Teichroew Tree Hooked Coat Rack. The Dutch duo from van Esch even gave us the possibility to connect several branches together and enjoy a whole tree of racks. Any combination you can think of can help you recreate the coat rack every time you want something new.

Egan Koo hand made this Hyde-and-Seek Chair from twigs collected from London`s Hyde Park. No less that 217 twigs and 291 dowels were put together to form this amazing nest-like piece of furniture. It is more of an art form than a comfortable chair, but the feeling it offers is impossible to defeat in a competition.

Chris Poehlmann from Sculpteliers was inspired by nature when he created the newGROWTH collection of light fixtures. This series of aluminium tree branches offer light from a ceiling mounted twig that comes in silver, bronze or with crystals. Elegant and fun, the light fixture brightens up any room.

UK designer Susan Bradley created a beautiful log rack for those times when you need some firelight to brighten up your winter days. No fireplace would be completely satisfactory without a stylish rack for wood. The Branch Firewood Rack solves this problem with style: the simple yet modern rack comes in dark brown (bark) and white (snow).

Woodland Creek Furniture stay true to nature by creating yet another beautiful nature inspired table. This table has a hard wooden surface but the amazing part is the visual effect of the stand: branches and twigs intertwine to form a forest-like fantasy. It would be difficult to comfortably sit at this table, which is why it can be repurposed as a console table.

Dim lighting is the way to go whenever you are in the mood for soul searching. This beautiful Twig Floor Lamp gives the perfect hideout atmosphere for your reading or relaxing pleasure. A very solid lacquered metal base sustains this smart lamp and the handmade fabric lampshade enchants the eyes.

Decorating is pretty easy once you set up a base for a room. The first objects are the hardest to choose. If you start out with this audacious lamp, your guests will surely appreciate your style. An Acrylic Floor Standing Lamp like this one is made from a twig beaded acrylic stand and a square dark lampshade.

This Silver Twig Lamp Duo can be purchased at Zgallerie. The lamps resemble tree branches but are updated to a stylish silver finish and light up the room with the help of a sleek black shade. These particular lampshades would be a great house warming gift.

Another intelligent way to display your love for nature is to have a beautiful twig inspired door. This Decorative Organic Wooden Door from Perting opens the door to a luscious world of forest wonders that fits perfectly into a modern and contemporary interior.

An elegant Twig Chandelier found at Decorati that has the power to remind us of the great animal that wears antlers will have your home looking fierce and strong. The light this chandelier plays with explores every corner of your room to give the feeling of walking through a mysterious forest. It goes splendidly in a dark room for a gloomy feeling and in a light room for an elegant style.

These light fixtures can be seen in an elegant and fabulous restaurant in Beirut, named “Al Dente”. The Twig Metallic Fixtures grouped into small forests on the high ceilings give a special visual effect: soft light on the bottom part of the room and a darker, more sophisticated light near the ceiling. Splendid!

How about a bigger change for this fall? A beautiful fall wallpaper can brighten up your life if this is your favourite season. Twigs Wallpaper is part of Graham & Brown Spirit Collection. It comes in two combinations: delicate twig pattern on a charcoal background and gold twig pattern on a damson background.

What if you brought nature into your bathroom? Just choose a wonderful branch with expressive twigs and find the perfect spot in your bathroom. You will be able to enjoy its presence and dream about outdoors while having a spa day.

Have the forest at your feet every time you step onto this carpet. This Dark Tree Rug from Designlush is made from 100 % New Zealand wool. It gives a sense of power on two levels: strong fibers but also strong graphics.

If you really love forests and nature, what better way to slip into your sweet dreams than surrounded by many elements that remind you of nature? This bed is an ode for a modern interior with a rustic feeling. The Branch Bed on Apartment Therapyfits perfectly in a white interior with a lot of natural light.

This next piece is the essence of fall season, a reminder that Halloween is coming and we must prepare our home for a great party.  A Pottery Barn find looks amazing in any kind of home because these simple Twig Hurricanes are only a vessel for your imagination.

We hope to have helped you with the decision making process that naturally comes this fall. Enjoy theallen leaves and frisk air and be kind to nature!

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