Fresh and Affordable Neon Signs Displaying Your Focus

A neon multi coloured arrow points right on a textured wall

Jonathan Kitchen/ Getty Images

Seeing your name in bright lights is one thing, but seeing your dreams or beliefs is something quite extraordinary. We received word about these amazingly affordable neon signs and art from Neon Mfg through the send us tips page and had to share it with you all. Imagine your most important focus glowing bright on the wall or right beside you. Whether it’s love, courage or wonder, you can showcase a bright reminder in lights in your home or offer what you want to say in hard to ignore neon letters.

These affordable neon signs are not only candy for the eye, they impact the mind with a glowing repertoire. Imagine your dreams boldly placed above the bed, the “What If” neon sign glowing bright to remind you to dream. How about seeing a glowing neon sign every morning above the entrance door, reminding you before leaving home to “Hustle”, because “it’s how you make your dreams come true.” To get an image of how big the neon sign is, the “Hustle” piece is 10.5″ long by 4.5″ high, and sticks out 3″ from the wall.

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I can message in lightbox. Pink background

Carol Yepes/ Getty Images

The glowing pink glass”Desktop Heart” neon sign can be placed on your desk to it always reminds you of love, on a shelf or share the glow with the people outside your window by displaying it on a windowsill. The one inspired by Pablo Picasso’s famous quote, Youth Has No Age, can make for a perfect gift for anyone. Let’s Get Weird, Who Dares Wins, or No Regrets are just a few examples of what other people want. Now, the question is: what do you want said in neon letters?

Carol Yepes/ Getty Images

We noticed that people were really interested having unique neon art in their homes, but custom made neon signs are very expensive. Our online store officially launched in January 2015.” Ranging in price from $125 to $160, the affordable neon signs are designed for indoor use only and you should also know that custom orders are shipped out within 7 – 10 business days after your order is placed.

They currently only ship to the United States and Canada, but I’m sure the future will bring them closer to other parts of the world, too. So let’s help them out with a share and support their commitment to keeping your ideas brightly lit.