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Decorating with Mustard Yellow for a Mid-century Holiday Season

Mid century modern living room and kitchen with mustard yellow accents
P_Art / Shutterstock

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Want to add an unexpected color to your modern decor? Decorating with mustard yellow may be the answer. The warm, golden tone is a perfect addition to your everyday neutrals like whites, tans and greys. Also known as golden yellow, saffron and maize, the warm, rich hue of yellow adds a fresh pop to your home, especially during the holidays. Check out these ideas and mustard yellow home decor in stores now.

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Decorating with mustard yellow in the kitchen and dining room

Mustard yellow pendant lights

Helena Thorman / EyeEm / Getty Images

Include mustard yellow accents include the glass pendant lights.

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Kitchen with mustard yellow accents

Bulgac / Getty Images

Mustard yellow accents warm up the cool tones of the space.

Shop a similar look: Dining Chairs

Decorating with mustard yellow in the living room

Gray and white living room with mustard yellow accents / Shutterstock

Throw pillows, a framed print and a vase in the window add a touch of golden yellow to warm up the grey and white living room.

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Black and white living room with yellow accents in the pillows and chair / Shutterstock

An elegant space of blackened white gets small touches of mustard yellow. Image: Elle Decor Italia

Shop a similar look: Accent Chairs | Wall Art | Throw PillowCoffee Table

Add the golden mustard color in your bedroom

Modern industrial bedroom with yellow quilt on bed

Yuliya Yesina / Shutterstock

Add a quilted mustard yellow blanket to your bedding layers.

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Bedroom with gray, taupe, and yellow colors

AliceCam / Shutterstock

Mustard looks most contemporary with cooler tones like taupe, mocha, grey and white.

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Holiday decorating with mustard yellow

Christmas tree next to dining table with mustard yellow accents

Anjelika Gretskaia / Getty Images

Warm and brighten up the holiday table with pops of vibrant mustard yellow.

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Where will you add some mustard yellow to your home for the holidays?

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