Creative Café Design Inspired by a Library in New York

This amazing interior design idea comes from Nema Workshop and belongs to a small Espresso Café located on Madison Avenue, in New York City. The idea was to create a strong identity for the bar that would immediately stand out and be easily recognized. Here is more information from the architects:

Inspired by the nearby Bryant Park Library, Nema Workshop designed a store that is straightforward in a simple twisted way – take a library and turn it SIDEWAYS. The booklined shelves become the floor and ceilings and wood floor ends up on the walls meanwhile the pendants protrude sideways from the wall. To achieve the books shelves on the floor, the space is lined with sepia-toned full size photograph of books printed on custom tiles.

family hanging photo logo

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We consider this idea to be bold, original, and highly inspirational, but we have to say we would have liked this unusual café better if those library prints were real books- well, the ones on the walls at least.


GCShutter / Getty Images